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✯BLOG TOUR & REVIEW✯ 'Vendetta' by Autumn Karr & Sienna Lane

Title: Vendetta
Authors: Autumn Karr and Sienna Lane
Genre: Contemporary Romance (Forbidden)
Release Date:  December 15, 2013
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Please note: this is not dark romance.

I am not a good man.

I have lied and cheated and stolen. I've decided between life or death, like it was my due. None of it matters, not anymore. These are not my sins.

I see her raise her hands, the dark metal she's clutching reflecting the moonlight. Her finger trembles as she cocks the gun pointed at me. Her eyes are cold, determined, but I know.

I know her.

My name is Devon Andre and I confess my sin. I am not a good man because this is the woman I love.

She pulls the trigger.

* Standalone contemporary romance.
* Mature reader advised due to sexual content and strong language.

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3.5 - 4 Stars
Devon and Leighton… A forbidden love doomed from the day they were born. 

I loved the concept of this story. Devon and Leighton were from two rival families… yet the chemistry and attraction between them was unavoidable, and there was nothing that could be done to stop it. No matter how much they tried to hate one another, they just couldn't. But when certain facts are brought into light, it's about to change everything between them.  When Leighton sees something which could stir up some trouble, Devon should be one to take her down for good. But instead, he brings her back to his Uncles house where she is held captive, awaiting the day where Devon will be forced to take the life of the girl he once loved. 

"I couldn't get you out of my fucking mind. Every living thought I had was stained by you, out there in the darkness, my hands all over your body, your fingers running through my hair, your moans and sighs. I fucking hate you for being my weakness."

Everything between Devon and Leighton was like a never-ending yo-yo. They hated, they wanted, they hated, they loved. And that was a bit how my feelings towards the both of them went. There were times I loved both, and times I did not care for them. As was the way I felt about the majority of the characters in the book. But the one thing that was a constant was that these two had some SERIOUS unresolved issues which did make for a great love-hate relationship. 

"I needed to get you out of my head, out of my heart, out of my soul. You owned me, and I wanted myself back."

What do you do when the one you love, is the one you should hate… and they are the only thing standing in the way of you getting your revenge...

"But his love is poison, the kind that breaks you and makes you wish you were dead, if it only meant he was happy. I was ready to die at his hands because of that love."

The book started off really strong, and ended just as strongly. It gripped me and immediately held my attention, which left me with high expectations. The downfall about having such a strong beginning is that it is hard to keep things at such a high level. For me, the middle dropped down a few notches, but did hold steady, but I felt it to be a little dragged out. There was so much time spent focusing on Leighton and her being captive in that one room, and I would have liked to of seen a little more about what was going on outside the room with the other characters. Don't get me wrong, the time she was held captive was very vital to the story, but at times it seemed like it was a little too much. Towards the end things began to pick back up. There were times I was a bit confused as to what the hell was happening, but in the end it all pieced together beautifully and did not leave me questioning anything. Everything I thought I knew about the story just flew right out the window. It most certainly was not what I was expecting to happen! Just when I thought I had it all pieced together, BAM, everything was flipped upside down and I was thrown through a loop. That is definitely one of my favorite things about the story.  

All in all the story wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but it was most definitely an enjoyable read for me!

About The Authors
Sienna Lane and Autumn Karr are two friends with a joint love of reading, writing, candy, and Disney heroes (and Disney songs, of course.)

When they aren’t scheming against fictional characters, or talking about their favourite books, you can find them ogling tattooed models and trying to figure out how to get them to do a cover shoot for their next book.

Together they wrote VENDETTA, releasing this December, and hopefully many more books to come. They love to hear from readers, so don't hesitate to contact them through their Facebook page (

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