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✯Release Review✯Girls Breaking The Rules-Alexa(Breaking The Rules #1)by Kelsey Burns

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Book: Girls Breaking The Rules - Alexa
Series: Breaking The Rules
Author: Kelsey Burns
Genre: Erotic Romance
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"WOW!! Alexa did NOT disappoint. In fact it was A-MA-ZING!! I devoured this in one go." ~ Reviewer
Meet Alexa; Flighty, flirty and lots of fun. A beautician by day, by night she works a pole. Strong in mind and body, no one messes with this sharp tongued girl, and no one can look away when she’s strutting her stuff. Johnny Murphy is a handsome Dubliner with a knicker-dropping accent, and bundles of charm. He’s also the brother of Tash’s boyfriend, James. Like all good stories, it begins in the pub, but can drunken flirting lead to something else? Will they be a match made in heaven? Or will the past tear them apart?

 ✯✯3.5 Alexa Sized Stars!!!✯✯

Alexa is the 2nd book in this novella series. It's about 3 best friends who've gone on vacation. The first book was based on Tash and James story. Now the girls are home and it's Alexa turn to find love. The sexy firefighter turned lover to Tash has a very sexy brother Johnny. Johnny and James didn't grow up together all the time. Johnny ended up  growing up in Ireland. He's back now with a wicked sexy Irish accent and they own/run the pub.

Alexa loves men. She's going through  a very dry spell! Alexa and her best friend Shelby totally goes both ways. Shelby and Alexa have definitely enjoyed each other's company. Once while on vacation and once in the bathroom. I'm not big on w/w and m/m books. But, man these 2 were hot!!

These 3 girls like to party party and drink. Alexa is a beautician and also teaches pole dancing at night. Alexa is attracted to Johnny and is having a hard time hiding it. But, she's realizing that Johnny is flirting back with her. Not only is he a flirt he's a protector. A few times when she'd been drinking it was Johnny who was there to pick her up and help her. 

These 2 don't take long to jump into bed together. And, man were these 2 hot hot hot!! What was supposed to be a one night stand turned into something much more. But, then outta nowhere someone from Johnny past comes back and throws a bomb into their happiness.

Like I said in the first book. I liked this book I wish there was so much more to it. I've read a decent amount of novella series this past year. And, what I liked about them was we would get enough information about the characters, storyline and usually it ended in a cliffhanger. But, it didn't leave me with a hole. I really wasn't connected with the characters and felt like I didn't know them. All I know is basic info about Alexa and Johnny. What I did like was how close everybody was. The girls would do anything for each other. Alexa and Shelby really stood up for Tash. It was great to see. Even James and Johnny have a great relationship. But, I loved seeing how close he became with the girls. He helped and protected Alexa like he'd known her forever. I def want to read Shelby story.

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It seems Johnny’s a dirty talker. And Christ, it’s turning me on. My orgasm is hovering, it’s taking longer to build but the pressure from his fingers feels delectable. Every muscle in my vagina is having a workout, with Johnny as the personal trainer. I decide right now to pay for a year’s annual membership upfront. My pulse starts to race as I feel the pressure build; he crooks his fingers and hits my G-spot while his other hand presses gently on my mons. I’m certain that I’ve died and gone to heaven as I explode onto his prize possessions. "F*** yes! Yes to everything, that was just..."

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What others are saying:

This book makes me feel like I've spent the afternoon in the pub with my mates, having a few drinks and some great laughs, listening to a great story. The banter between the characters is real, that's how I speak to my mates, these three girls have become my mates ! ~ Our Kindle Konfessions

I am enjoying every new book in this series and just know Shel's turn will be just as wonderful.
Well worth your time, these books will make you smile. ~ Goodreads Reviewer

I think this book was even better than the first, though I loved the first as well, Kelsey's writing has just seemed to have grown in this book and I wouldn't think that this is only her second book she has written! ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Alexa did NOT disappoint. Infact it was A-MA-ZING!!! I devoured this in one go, as i didn't want to or couldn't put it down. It's fun and quirky, with enough drama to keep it real. ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Another thing I loved was seeing how much Kelsey's writing has changed. The growth in her writing is unreal considering both this and the first book released so close to one another. ~ Goodreads Reviewer

Other books in the series

Girls Breaking The Rules – Tash

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Meet Tash; voluptuous, smart and sinfully sexy. She’s all about having a good time and moving on from men who don’t come up to scratch. A born organiser, Tash plans a naughty girl’s weekend in Marbella for her friends. 

Sun, sea and sex are the only things on the girls’ agenda, but Tash didn’t plan on hooking up with a hotty like James. 

James is a sexy firefighter; a man who can rescue kittens, put out fires, and make lady's knickers wet without even using his hose. When Tash and James get together temperatures soar, as James introduces her to a side of herself she’d never met before.

✯✯3.5 Tash Sized Stars!!✯✯

This is Kelsey Burns debut book. It was a decent start. This series is surrounded of 3 best friends. Tash, Alexa and Shelby. We start off with Tash. Tash has planned a weekend vacation/birthday celebration for Shelby at Marbella. Tash has everything planned out just perfectly.

Tash can not wait to go away on  a weekend getaway with her girls. But, she wasn't expecting to run into a hot sexy dominate James. They meet at the bar in the airport and hit it off instantly. James and his friends are there for a stag weekend. They find out they're all going to the same place. James lets her know he will find her. Tash isn't 100% sure. But, the girls remind her that James isn't her married ex-boyfriend slash boss. So, she agrees to go for it and break the rules,

Tash and James meet up rather quick thanks to one of the girls slipping her number to James. Man, do they have the wildest night Tash has ever had. Then, she up and dips before he even wakes up. While she's enjoying her day with the girls she sees James. There's some girls talking to him and for the first time ever she gets jealous. 

James and Tash spend the rest of the weekend together and realize they live really close together. They're time doesn't end  when the weekend is up. These 2 are really good together. Just when you think it's happily ever after think again. Tash's ex/boss has other plans.

As much as I liked this book I wish there was so much more to it. I've read a decent amount of novella series this past year. And, what I liked about them was we would get enough information about the characters, storyline and usually it ended in a cliffhanger. But, it didn't leave me with a hole. I really wasn't connected with the characters and felt like I didn't know them. All I know is basic info about Tash and James. I am looking forward to Alexa story.

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Girls Breaking The Rules – Shelby

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