Saturday, February 7, 2015

✯Review✯Rewriting History by Missy Johnson & Carly Grey


What do you do when being with the man you love is forbidden?

You hide it.

Our relationship is secret because he's my teacher, but it wasn't always that way. We met online, when I lied about my age. For six months we built a friendship that slowly moved into something more.

What i wasn't expecting was for my lies to unravel like they did when he walked into that classroom. We're too far gone to try and deny our feelings for each other, so we sneak around like we are ashamed of how we feel.

We steal kisses or the touch of a hand when nobody is watching.The problem is, somebody is always watching and when things go wrong, they have the potential to ruin everything.

 ✯✯4 Forbidden Stars!!✯✯

This is my first teacher/student forbidden love story. It won't be my last either. This is a story about Eli & Jill. They spent the last six months having an online relationship. The connection they have is unbelievable. Eli never thought he'd find a girl who shares his love for history that he has. When Eli's dad gets sick he needs his help. Even though his relationship with his dad is strained he'll be closer to Jill,. It's a win win!

When they meet it's instant electric!! Until Eli spots her ID and she's 17! Eli breaks off contact with her. Even though she insists it's OK because in a few weeks she'll be 18. Both Eli & Jill are devastated but try to move on.

Jill goes to school. Her favorite class is history and her teacher is sick. He's having his son come to take over his classes. When Jill looks up for world is shattered. Eli is her teachers son!

Eli can not believe Jill is not only 17 but now she's his student. When they get a chance to talk privately it doesn't go the way Eli planned. He can't be with a student. But, Jill is different.

For the remainder of the year it's constant ups & downs with these 2. I loved Jill. Even though she's 17/18 she knows what she wants. And, that's Eli. Eli on the other hand got on my last nerve! One minute he's telling her this has to stop. The next he's ripping her clothes off. He's also fighting his own demons from his childhood because of his father's choices and decisions. As much as Eli didn't want to be his father. He was turning into him.

This book is fast paced. I never knew what was going to happen next. Jill knew what she wanted and went for it. She has 2 friends that I loved!! There was family secrets from both Eli & Jill that I never saw coming. Definitely a good book to read.


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