Sunday, February 1, 2015


My name is Jane.
I’m not a virgin.  
I’m not a stripper.
I’ve never been raped.
I don’t have daddy issues.
I’m not in college.
I don’t have magical powers.
I’m not naïve.  
I haven’t been abducted.
I haven’t been sold.
I’m not unbelievably gorgeous.
I don’t sleep around.
I can’t even tell you the last time I dated.
I live a normal life making minimum wage at a bookstore.
And my best friend is a guy who also happens to be my roommate.
But I'm determined to find love.

This is my standard romance story.

Follow Jane as she dates the standard romance guys in an attempt to find true love: The rocker, the biker, the billionaire, the tattooed bad boy, the firefighter, the lawyer, the vampire, the cowboy, the alpha, the teacher, the movie star, the professional athlete, the fighter and the captor.

Which one will finally win her heart?

5 outrageously funny stars!
Holy hell!!! This was, by far, the FUNNIEST story I have read… EVER! I have been a fan of M.S. Willis since I first read her Estate series, then when she started writing as Lily White. Her usual dark and fucked up books have always been some of my favorites, so it was really cool to see a totally different side of her writing. From blood, gore, and death (in her other books) to lighthearted, cute, and hilariously funny (in this one), Standard Romance Story has left me amazed by M.S. Willis' talents… seriously, is there anything this author can't write?!?!?! 

Standard Romance Story: Fireman Edition is the first story in a series of novellas which follow the character of Jane as she tries to find love in the strangest of ways. We all know how there are the "standard" types of sexy heroes in all romance books… the fireman, the rocker, the billionaire, etc etc. Well, hang on for a wild ride as Jane dates each of these romance story characters and finds out the hard way that romance isn't always the way we read in these books.

This book thrives off the cliche of the sexy fireman that so many of us have fallen in love with in the past and shows that where we may daydream of all the amazing things in these books, when played out in real life things don't always go the way we fantasize. From Jane's constant clumsiness, to her and Fireman Mark's drunken antics, and the firetruck sex that didn't work out the way we all daydream about… this book is sure to win you over. 

From page one this book had be laughing my ass off, and it didn't stop until the very end (even now, a couple hours later, I am STILL laughing about various scenes). It was silly and quirky and pee your pants from laughing funny, and at times very very awkward (what the characters went through- which is part of what made this book so amazing!). 

I cannot wait for the next story in this crazy series! 

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