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✯Release Review✯Davenport Harbor (Six Degrees #3) by Mayra Statham

Anne Carter

As a little girl I dreamt of Prince Charming, I found out there was no such thing. On a rainy night, my nightmare of a Prince found me, but not my secret and I was able to run.

But what I ran into that night might be worse.

He's far from being a fairy tale prince. Older, grouchy and sullen.

One look in his eyes and I know he wants us as far from him as possible. Yet he keeps us safe, giving us more than harbor, he gives us hope.

He might not be a Prince but he's definitely the beastly King of his domain.

John Davenport

I’m a man who has avoided emotional entanglements longer than I care to remember. I should send them packing, but I can’t.

I’m not a good man. I’m ruthless. Uncaring. Calculating. 

I’m a man with mile long list of faults and redemption is not within my reach, not in this lifetime. No where close to the man that deserves the beauty that they can bring into a man’s life.

I just can’t seem to let them go.

A rain storm might have brought them to me but I’m like a vine around them, needing a little bit of their light to thrive.

Can two frightened souls heal and find courage to love again and become a family? Or are the ghosts of the past stronger than they can manage? 

Will the growly king and beautiful damsel in distress get their own modern day happy ending? 

Little girl’s might dream of Prince Charming

but a woman deserves a KING that stands behind his QUEEN.

 ✯✯4.5 Second Chance Stars!!!✯✯

This is my first book  by Mayra Statham and it's totally not going to be my last!! This is also the first book where I read that the female isn't the only one so damaged and running from her past. After reading this book I definitely want to go back and read the first  2 in the series. While adding her newer ones to my TBR list.

Anne Carter has been on the run for over a year now. Just when she thought that her and her daughter Zoey were safe she let her hair down and started to breathe normal. Then, HE showed up. Anne packs up as much as she can and takes her daughter. She planned on driving as far as she could. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. When Anne's car tire goes flat she turns down  a dirt road hoping it was abandoned. When the stranger pulls over letting her know it's his driveway and insists on helping her. She wasn't prepared for what he was talking about.

John Davenport is an angry man. The only time he's with a woman is if he's paid her for her time. Nothing more. When he sees Anne he wasn't prepared. Here's this lady in the pouring rain fixing her flat tire and you can see she's bruised and beaten almost to a pulp and her baby is in the car. Then she passes out on him. John knows he must help this woman and her baby. Even though everything inside of him and his best friend is telling him no. John just can't turn his back on them.

John gives Anne a job as his housekeeper. And, Anne give John her real name. Their both fighting their own battles. Both have their own nightmares that whether their nightmares are living or not, it's still not easy.  Neither one of them has said out loud what they're running from. And, for now the other one doesn't ask. Instead they're too busy getting use to being around each other. They are also fighting these feelings that are starting to stir inside of them. 

Their feelings are getting harder and harder to fight. Even though John is an angry, controlling and keeps saying he's a bad man. Anne sees the way he is with Zoey and has looked out for them. She knows he's not  a bad man. But, that something from his past has him thinking this way. Anne can't help her feelings for John. But, her past has making things difficult. She knows John would never physically hurt her. She's forever  trying to push back. But, John doesn't want her too. He's finally letting his walls down to allow Anne in. 

I had hoped and prayed John and Anne would get their  HEA. But, I wasn't so sure. John wouldn't let his past go. He held onto a lot of guilt, even though he didn't need too. Plus, I think he was so use to be angry that he almost didn't know any better. Anne who should be afraid to get close to any man wasn't afraid of John. Even when he did the most awful thing possible. Anne heart always wins over her head. It took John a lot longer to be completely honest with the I Love You. But, i was also glad he didn't say it in the first 30 minutes like most books I read do.

 My biggest biggest annoyance with this book? Was John's job and money!! We know he has a successful business and comes from money. But, that was it. We were never ever told what he actually did. We were told he power to get things done. And, he did. But, why!! We were never aware of anything. And, Anne never asked either. Like, really?? As for Anne. Her ex gave her a really bad time. I was in a relationship with abuse and it wasn't as bad. Yet, I was very jumpy for the smallest littlest touch. Yet, Anne trusted too easily and wasn't as afraid as most abused women are after such an ordeal. They talked about a little bit from Sabrina and Mike's book. I will have to read it because I def def a little lost. Overall, I really, really enjoyed this book. I never thought I could fall in love with a 43yr old. But, Mayra Statham did that for me. I am really looking forward to reading more from her.

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Mayra Statham resides in California. She is married with kids. Her addiction to romance novels and being an avid reader in the genre has made her dream come true. She enjoys going to book signings with her sister. She also loves helping others indies by promoting their work. Some of her favorite authors are Kristen Ashley, Roxie Rivera & Jordan Marie . She loves being contacted by readers.

Mayra Statham

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