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✯Review✯Intrepid (New Life #6) by Samantha Jacobey


Intrepid - A New Life Novel

When past and present collide, how do you escape your fate?

Tori Farrell is finally on the path that leads to a bright future. Raised to be an assassin, she lived in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. Gaining her freedom, and discovering her true identity, she has reconciled the life was born to have with the one she fought so hard to flee. Managing to hold on to her soul mate, she is pushing forward, refusing to allow the fear to hold her back any longer.

Taking her place in her brother’s band, Tori faces new challenges. Learning to live the life of a rock star seems easy enough, and she quickly gets a handle on what she holds most dear. Soon enough, the tables are turned, with the realization that the FBI has merely taken to the shadows, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Only when her former lover forces his way back into her life does it become clear; some things are simply meant to be...

˃˃˃ Warning:
BOOK-MA ”" This book is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and therefore is unsuitable for children under 17.

L "" Coarse language

S "" Sexual content

V "" Violence

 ✯✯4 Daring Stars!!✯✯

This is the 6th book in the New Life series. I honestly didn't think I'd get this far in the series. Even though there are times I want to throw my kindle, I'm glad I picked this series back up. In the first 5 books I wanted to knock Tori out multiple times. But, this time. Oh Michael Michael Michael. I wanted to rip off his man parts and shove them down his throat!! LOL

Tori has decided to join her brothers band. She is officially the new guitar player in Indelible. Tori is working with Brian and the rest of the guys on perfecting on learning the songs. Michael isn't making it easy on her. He can not stand all the hours she's spending with her brother everyday. The band's manager talks them into doing photograph's for magazines and TV talk shows to introduce Tori as the newest member.

Tori's mind and heart are all over the place. She loves Michael. But, she literally does not take his feelings into consideration, At all!! When her and Brian are working on music for like 8hrs she totally forgets about him. Poor Michael wants to go home. But, will follow Tori no matter how unhappy he is. Tori and Michael always seem to be fighting. He lets her know at the end of the tour she must choose to stay with the band or go home with him. That should of been the worst part. Brett and Enrique see her photograph on the cover of a magazine and decide to go to Tori to kept an eye on her before the Organization shows up.

Brett and Enrique show up and tell her they're her new bodyguards.Both Michael and Tori have been silently waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tori knows the Organization is out there and the FBI is not far away either. Tori, Michael, Brian and the rest of the guys agree to let them be her new bodyguards. Except that's not the only thing Enrique wants to be. He is not afraid to let it be known he wants Tori. Not even Michael.

The tension between Michael and Tori get worse and worse. Tori's head and heart is so messed up and confused it's unreal, Tori has never loved a guy as much as Michael. Except with Michael she's missing something. He will never get as dirty, rough and nasty in bed as she wants,craves and loves. It's what she's missing. Enrique can give it to her. He always has and will again. Without a question. Michael lets Tori know she can do whatever she wants and he won't ask questions or get mad. Really??!!! I was totally on Tori's side when she flipped and got mad. But, that's not the worst.  A new  FBI agent comes outta nowhere letting her know she's in trouble and they need to work together. She brushes him off doesn't tell the guys and they head back to L.A

Back in the first place where she felt at home. She goes to Terry's music store for promotional stuff for Indelible. Tori is beyond stressed out. But, is glad to be back by Terry. Tori gets time to head to the halfway house who was her first real home with the first people she's considered parents. She has a fantastic night. But, it doesn't last long. The halfway house was put on fire. Arson. But, why? FBI agents Eli and Mason show back up. Tori, Michael, Brett and Enrique find out  quick they are on Tori's side. They want to help her and the guys. There's a leak in the FBI to the Organization. But, who and why? Tori must now finish the job they always had wanted her to do that she didn't. But, her family was attacked. 

As like the first 5 books this one went just as fast paced as the rest. But, I did like this a little bit more then the first 5. Why?? Easy... DIALOGUE!!! There was a lot more of it. If this book wasn't published months ago, I'd swear Samantha listened to my bitching lol.Tori, Enrique and Michael kept constantly pissing me off., In Tori's defense she didn't have the proper life growing up. So, she's not use to relationships and how to deal with men. Because, we all know how men are!! But, with that being said. We're starting to see a completely different side to Tori that we've yet to see. Tori isn't as bad ass and evil and cold as always. Tori is getting soft. She is starting to really care about more people. Terry's words "They'll always be people" keep playing in her head.   We  Enrique has no class. He knows she's married to Michael and loves him. Yet, he touched Tori every time he was next to her. He man obviously didn't know the word No in any language he spoke. And, Michael. Grow a huge pair already. Stop letting Tori do and say whatever she wanted too already. Just because he loves her doesn't give her the right to act out because you won't treat her like the nasty whore she is! You'd think she'd want different. He needed to knock out Enrique and knock Tori down a few notches. Other then that I liked this book. I can not wait to see how this series ends. I really hope Tori, Michael, Brian and the rest of the guys she cares about end up happy and safe.

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