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✯Blog Tour Review✯Broken Barriers (Barriers #4) by Sara Shirley


Drew's story

"Dreams can heal your soul."

It was just supposed to be a “friends with benefits” type of fling. Feelings were never supposed to get in the way. Drew Daley never thought Courtney Page would be the one to change all that.

He watched her walk away to pursue her own dreams while Drew’s Marine Corps orders sent him packing for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Something told him to never let her go; to fight for her and his country.

Can a decision from years ago make all the difference in one’s future? 

Time has passed. People have changed. Lives have gone in different directions. Drew returns broken and torn after nearly eighteen months overseas and everything isn’t what it was when he left. Life after deployment isn’t nearly as easy to fit into as he thought. Until new friends and familiar faces enter his life and everything changes.

When his mind is trying to piece together all the puzzles surrounding his life, Cole Porter might just be the one to heal his broken heart and guide him in the right direction. However something about Cole is vaguely familiar to Drew. Despite what his head tells him he begins to get closer to her.

Will Drew finally be able to let his heart heal and move on?
Sometimes you have to face your dreams and fears all at once in order to recover. Otherwise you may never heal the broken pieces inside of you.

 ✯✯4 Broken Stars!!!✯✯

Sara Shirley has done it again!!! I have loved this series since the beginning. And, this book is no different. When I read Hidden Barriers I had to know about Sam's older brother Drew. He was working withe her dad at the law firm. Sam kept saying Drew had a thing for Josh's sister Courtney. I fell in love with Courtney in book one Frozen Barriers. Courtney is Josh and Jeremy's younger, adorable, caring, beautiful younger sister. She's always there for her brothers and at times you'd forget she's younger then them both. I was stoked to find out this was their story.

Drew and Courtney were only supposed to be a friends with benefits. But, anybody that's ever done that knows one of them always catches feelings. Drew had caught feelings. He fell in love with Courtney but couldn't say the words. When he on tour with the Marines he came back to find Courtney engaged. Before he left again he gave her a letter pouring his heart out to Courtney.

Drew was devastated to find out Courtney went through with getting married. Now, that he's back for good Drew doesn't know where to start or what to do. Not only is his heart broken from Courtney getting married. And, moving on from her is impossible. Courtney is his sister Sam sister-in-law. That isn't Drew's only problem. He's out of the Marine's. But, Drew is suffering from PTSD. Between the nightmares, the cold sweats and lets not talk about touching him. 

Drew makes the decision to go to his parents lake house for the summer to regroup. Drew must figure out what's next for him. How is he going to move on from Courtney when wherever he looks she's there. He must figure out what he's going to do for  a job. His biggest thing to figure out. His PTSD and what/how to calm it and move forward. 

While Drew is at the lake house he keeps trying to figure everything out. When Drew is out in town he becomes friends with Everett who also served in the Marines. He meets Cole who owns a bakery and is a photographer. Cole gets him to talk to Marty who also was in the service. Drew meeting Everett and ESP Marty was the best thing for Drew. Talking to them was probably the best thing for Drew.

Drew was ready to move on from Courtney. Cole was the perfect person for Drew. Both Drew and Cole were broken. Drew had lost Courtney. Cole too had lost someone bc of the service and he didn't fight for her. Cole brought out the best in Drew. They had an instant connection. And, not just  a physical one. Their emotional one was strong. Both were fighting their own head and heart while trying to help the other one heal. There was so many times these 2 had me hysterically laughing. 

Cole was a very strong, compassionate, caring women. She def didn't take crap from anybody. Cole had such a hard year. But, when she looks at Drew everything changes. She can see the good in Drew even if he doesn't see it himself. Cole isn't afraid to make Drew work for it at times too. Which usually had me hysterical.

I loved seeing past characters in this book. Drew and Josh had such an awesome relationship. Josh seemed to always know what to say and not say at the right time. Sam. I still love Sam. One of my fav parts is Josh and Sam son. After one afternoon with Uncle Drew and he's screaming boobies  24/7. Then, listening to Sam going off is even more hysterical. 

I really loved everything about this book. Except the end!! Man, when I tell you I hadn't hated an ending to a book in SO SO long. And, I didn't hate it because it ended with Drew not getting a HEA or not doing what I hoped or with the person I hoped. I hated it because it made no sense to me. I mean it was going great and then bam!! It was different and completely out of left field. I am not going to tell you what happened because that would be cruel. I will say it wasn't explained!! Why did it happen? What is going on to make it better? How is everyone around/involved dealing with it? Will it get better? None of it was explained. At all!! I finished and was literally left dumb founded!! But, Sara handled the PTSD brilliantly. She really did her homework on it and you can tell. I'm really upset this is the last book in the series. It was an awesome and beautiful series. I will miss the characters in it. I can't wait to what Sara writes next.

About The Author:

I think my love for books started when I was a teenager on summer vacations reading Mary Higgins Clark novels. As I grew older that turned into reading romance novels. Now, that's turned into me writing three romance novels and another on the way in the series. 

In college I actually majored in Geography and concentrated in Travel & Tourism. I still love to travel constantly, but now find myself working in the world of Finance during the day and writing romance novels at night. 

I was born and raised just north of Boston and currently live with my husband and cat. When I'm not running a mile a minute with work and books you can find me at a local wine tasting or out with friends at the pub doing shots of Patron. I have a weak spot for candy, Ghirardelli chocolate to be exact. I am addicted to the three "C"s. Coffee, Cheese and Carbs. I grew up with an Italian family and giving those up will never be an option. 

I typically have a dirty mind and zero filter between my head and my mouth. If you are around me...good luck. I'm obsessed with hockey, Oregon football, beaches, Supernatural, Friends and stupid comedy movies. I've been called a "tall drink of water" due to my height and love for platform heels. Chances are you will not miss me if we are ever in the same room. Just look for the chick laughing hysterically, wearing heels and holding a glass of wine in her hand. That will be me.


★★ – #OneClick –  ★★

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