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✯Review✯The Blackmail of Evelynn Faust by Shirley Anne Edwards


Evelynn Faust suffers from horrible insomnia and paranoia. The summer before her senior year of high school should be one of the best summers of her life. But she’s tormented by guilt and an addiction that haunts her every waking moment. Evelynn is a drug dealer who also craves the drug she sells. The money and the popularity that come with it aren’t bad either. But when she’s caught dealing on school property by Eric Wagner, the respected and admired police chief’s son, the game is over.

He won’t snitch on her, unless she gives him whatever he wants - her.

She’s being blackmailed.

Evelynn has no one to turn to for help. Not her parents who don’t understand her rebellious nature or her circle of friends who only care about partying and getting high. When Adam Tristen moves in across the street, and he wants to get to know her better, it all seems too good to be true.

She must make a pact with the devil.

Evelynn now looks over her shoulder wherever she goes, waiting for Eric to act on his threats. But Adam, the charming college sophomore, sees something special inside Evelynn, and he wants to help her fix mistakes. In order to do that she must confront a dark secret from her past that could destroy her family…her life…and her entire world as she knows it.

She’ll need to take a leap of faith.

 ✯✯4 Broken Stars!!✯✯

This is my first book by Shirley Anne Edwards and it won't be my last!! She gave me a story where I didn't know what was next. Just when I thought I knew it all I continued to be surprised. And, they weren't the good surprises either.

Evelynn hasn't had the best life. Her mother never has anything to say to her. And, when she does it's never nice. She doesn't like the way she dresses, her hair, her attitude and is pushing her to date Eric. Little does she know Eric isn't the good guy he portrays. 

Evelynn's friends all have money. She is the poorest one out of everyone she hangs out with. When she was looking to get extra money for some expensive running shoes, she must find a way to make more money. When her cousin and best friend Jenn starts dealing drugs she talks Evelynn into doing it as well. Everything was working out perfectly until Eric caught her dealing in the wrong spot. Eric's father is high up their in the police department. So, Eric being the evil prick that he is begins using his dads position for his own selfish needs & wants. He loves Evelynn and he keeps saying it. Only his love is crossing over to a sick twisted obsession. 

Now that Eric knows Evelynn's dirty secret and isn't afraid to use it against her, she's constantly looking over her shoulder. Unfortunately for Evelynn only a few people who about her job. She calls them "friends". But, trust me they are far from friends. Because, if they were they'd be helping her. Instead, they are expecting her to shut up and do or give anything Eric wants. 

This poor girl can not eat, sleep or breathe anymore. Then, the new neighbors move in across the street. When she finally meets the new good looking guy who's named Adam. They have an instant attraction. Evelynn wants to forget everything and tries using her body to do it. Except Adam isn't like all the other guys in her life. He wants to know her and wait for everything else. Except he can see the pain, fear and sadness in her eyes. No matter how much he begs she won't tell him everything. Until Eric and a few others up the stakes and now she must fight for her life, her families, friends and Adam's. 

The secrets that everyone in Evelynn life are crazy. Just when you think you knew it all. Don't. Just don't!! I was completely shocked up until the end. My heart constantly broke for Evelynn. Her parents were so caught up in themselves they stopped paying attention to their daughter.They never even saw how withdrawn she was. Her friends were only the perfect friends when they were hanging out partying, drinking and getting high. But, when Evelynn really needed her friends they were only worried about themselves. 

My main issue with this story Adam & Evelynn relationship.  Adam is 20 and Evelynn is only going to be 17 in  a few weeks. If Adam was only her friend looking out for her because it's obvious she's struggling with something deep. But, that wasn't the case. Even though he wouldn't jump into bed and have sex immediately. They eventually crossed lines. He's smart enough yet dumb enough to do some of the things he did with her. I thought anyway. Maybe because he's almost 21 to her almost 17 it bothered me a lot.

Shirley Anne Edwards kept me on the edge of my seat. She made me feel for Evelynn, Adam and Evelynn younger sister. Who I LOVED!! She also made you think about what would you do if you were Evelynn and how'd you handle it. I will definitely read more from Shirley Anne Edwards!!

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