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✯Review✯ Burning Desire (Condemned Angels #1) by Heather Leigh

Jeremy Moretti and Chase DeLuca have grown up together and into different MCs. Their lives were promised and destined to the Condemned Angels and Hell's Rebels. As they grew, so did Chase's feelings for Jeremy's younger sister, Roxanne. 

Stemming from separate clubs, they have all the stakes against them. Michael Moretti, President of the Condemned Angels has forewarned Chase to stay away from his daughter.There is too much at risk and clubs stick to their own. No mixing whatsoever. 

The years apart have done them good, however, Roxanne has finished school and is back home, and back in Chase's life. However, she isn't alone. Roxanne is dating the Treasurer of her father's club.

Things start to go wrong as their secret feelings grow stronger for one another. Will Chase fight for what has always been his, or will the MC stand in his way?

✯✯5 Hot Burning Stars!!✯✯
For a debut book, Heather Leigh totally rocked it!! This is the 2nd MC book I've read and man they are becoming my favorite kind of book to read. The guys in this book are hot!! The woman are sexy and strong willed. They most definitely know what & who they want. But, of course nothing comes easily for anyone involved in this story.

Roxy Moretti is the daughter to the Condemned Angels President. She is in love with her older brother best friend Chase DeLuca. What's the problem? Chase's father is the president of another MC club the Hell's Rebels. Chase knows that Roxy belongs to him and him alone. That is until Roxy's father tells him that his daughter is off limits. There can be no mixing of clubs at all. His daughter will grow up & become a "Old Lady" to someone in his club. He is to stay away. And, he does!!

Over the next few years Roxy & Chase run into each other. Usually because Chase is with Jeremy.  It is obvious that they are holding back feelings for each other. Yet, the main person holding back is Chase out of respect for Roxy's father and the "rules" of the club. But, every time he see's her it gets harder & harder for him to just walk away. Roxy belongs to him. She always has and always will no matter what anyone says.

Fast forward a couple years. The Condemned Angels &Hell's Rebels have opened up the hottest night club around. Jeremy is running it & Roxy is working there as well. Chase shows up to the club for the 1st time since it opened a few weeks ago. Of course him & Jeremy are still best of friends.  Chase is now VP of Hell's Rebels and he has stuck to his word of staying away from Roxy. Until that night.

He spots her instantly from the opposite side of the club. The minute Roxy turns around she spots Chase's eyes and the fire the connection is still there. And, man is it still  hot! But, there's one big problem. His name is Jake as he's the treasurer  of the Condemned Angels and Roxy's boyfriend. And, this guy I have nothing nice to say about him what so ever!! I can promise you that you'll agree with me 110%

Sparks fly instantly between Chase & Roxy. Unfortunately, Jake saw the sparks in action. Him & Chase have never been close. They have def had pissing contests over Roxy before. And, because of the MC Case belongs to he lost. Jake lets Roxy know rather quickly this thing between her and Chase will stop or else the outcome won't be pretty for her.

Luckily for us Roxy & Chase  don't give two shits what he says. They start talking, texting & hanging out. Next thing that happens  I was shocked. Heather did an absolutely fantastic job keeping me on my toes!! Roxy is know being stalked. Somebody wants her. Now, her brother moves Roxy and her best friend Nicole into his house. I absolutely love Nicole!! She is hilarious & can not wait to get more of her. Now, Roxy's father picks somebody to be her bodyguard. There was only 1 person other then Jeremy that he trusted with his baby girls life. No other Chase!! 

Now, Roxy & Chase are together all the time. They no longer try to fight their feelings for each other. Let me tell you. OMG,, these two are seriously hot!! It's obvious they were meant to be together. They get each other. What Roxy & Chase were having was way way over due. I really love these 2 together. They have been in love with each other for as long as they can remember. 

Unfortunately, there still so many obstacles and by obstacles I mean people in their way. And, it totally not fair. All because the patch's on their backs are different. It's a totally unfair rule! Jeremy, Chase and Nicole keep Roxy close to them at all times. I love when they're all together. They are all fighting feelings. Jeremy & Nicole totally like  each other. Yet, Jeremy   is taking his time. Roxy & Chase are hiding their romance from people. 

Jake is not gone either. He is literally making things difficult for Roxy. He has his own plan to make it where Roxy will be stuck with him for life. And, it'll eventually help him work his way up in the Condemned Angels. Chase learns his plans & looses his mind because Roxy belongs to him & him alone!!

Thing's get intense from there on out. A lot of sex, drugs, fights, violence. Like I said before Heather killed it in her debut book. I feel really honored that she asked me to read it!! You will not believe what you are reading. It  is definitely not a easy road for Chase & Roxy. Poor Roxy has crappy luck. The only good thing in her life is Chase, Jeremy, Nicole & her dad. But, are they good enough to save her from the demons that are after her. And, what has Jake unleashed!!

You will totally fall in love with Roxy & Chase and Jeremy & Nicole. I can not wait for all their stories to continue in 'Wreckless Abandon'. But, I will warn you. Be prepared to have your socks knocked off & your panties to get wet & for your heart to race  while reading this. 

Meet Heather Leigh:

 Deciding to write books was something I had contemplated for awhile. A co-worker of mine had gotten me started me on the 50 Shades Trilogy. I had quickly became absorbed! Reading contemporary romance had become apart of me.

Little did I know that my daughter was a product of the "50 Shades Baby Boom"! I remember going to my doctor's appointment to find out that we were off to labor and delivery- and I didn't download any new books to my kindle! Talk about bummed out! However, I made up for that when I was home for my maternity leave. I believe we read 40+ books while I was home.

I am a full time new mom, and wife. Yes, I do work full time, I am currently doing multiple things, bouncing back after baby, weight watchers, exercising, training for a 5k, reading and writing. So far, I have really enjoyed writing as a hobby. 

My work book club, "HE" had consumed us (and by us, I mean 2). We were critics of the stories and characters. I then thought to myself, "hmm, I bet I could write stories just like this, and have them turn out like I'd want them to." Well, joking turned into thinking. Thinking turned into brainstorming. Brainstorming lead to opening a word document and letting my mind explore.

Growing up I had written short stories with friends, and as extra credit for school. This is probably where it all started... I had turned in one of my short stories without re-reading, or editing it completely. I had my paper returned to me saying the "content was inappropriate." Apparently contemporary romance was frowned upon in English class! Oops! So maybe I was destined to become a writer.

I thought to myself that I want to live in this world and make a difference and have a part of me in history after I leave. This is me staying forever young.

Here I will post my journey, it's a learning experience for me, so please bare with me.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, recommendations- I welcome them all.

Enjoy :)

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