Sunday, January 11, 2015

✯Review✯Finding Salvation (The Finding Series, #1) by Elizabeth Hayes & Ashlee Taylor

Becoming best friends was easy. 
Becoming Sisters was a blessing. 

Two girls, with similar pasts, find solace together when all they had was each other. 

Madison and Charlotte were taken in by a good family, given the life they’d always dreamed, along with an overprotective big brother. As they got older Madison began to follow the path her mother lived. While Charlotte, was afraid she’d lose everyone she’d come to love.

When the wall of betrayal and lies they’ve built to protect themselves start to crumble, how well will their fragile bonds hold when their secrets come out?

Choices are made. 
Different roads taken.
A family torn apart.

Will Madison ever change? 

Will Charlotte find what she’s been looking for? 

Are their lies too tangled to unravel or will they find salvation before it’s too late?


 ✯✯5 Gut Wrenching Stars!!✯✯

Wow! I finished this book a few days ago and could not believe what I just finished. This book was intense! This book is about Madison and Charlotte growing up in foster care. They became best friends and sisters and refused to leave each other. They ended up getting adopted together at the age of 13 and had an instant family and older brother. Everything should be perfect from then on....

Both girls have grown up together and both had horrible childhoods with their biological families. Yet, they are NOTHING alike. Charlotte is quiet, works hard, reads and wants to find love like Madison.

Oh, Madison. This chick is a mess. A stinking hot mess!! Madison is in a "long term relationship" with her brother Donovan's best friend Landon. They been dating for years. But, of course not everything is what it seems to people looking in. The real Madison is sleeping with her boss Avery. What about Landon? Oh, he's sleeping with Donovan! They all get drunk & high and party until the sun comes up. Then, when they go home they're different people.

Both Landon & Donovan want to tell Charlotte. But, not Madison! She says that their sister is fragile and won't be able to handle the truth. Over the years they seemed to divide. It became Madison, Donovan & Landon together. And, Charlotte on the other. All because they were hiding secrets. I'm not sure if it was because they thought Charlotte really couldn't handle it. Or if because Madison was afraid to admit what she had become. But, before they could tell Charlotte she finds out and leaves!!

Charlotte is not mad or too about Donovan & Landon. She always kinda knew her brother was gay. But, she can not believe they all lied to her and for years. Charlotte drives a few towns away and ends up in a hotel. While there the owner thinks she needs help and sends her son the hot, sexy cop Jackson to make sure she's OK. They connect very quick! Some would say too quick. But, I didn't. They fit perfect. 

Madison continues on her path of destruction. Donovan & Landon are now out of the closet. Literally. Madison and the boys are still doing drugs. Madison more & more. Donovan & Landon are totally enabling her! She totally looses all control. Madison runs straight to Avery and disappears for days. To return married and doesn't remember ANYTHING!!! The only proof is a picture and the marriage license. That is not the only thing she comes back either!!

Both Charlotte & Madison are trying to find themselves. Trying to find out who they are without the other one. It doesn't come easy to either of them! When they let the lies go and reconnect it should be better. For Charlotte, Madison, Donovan, Landon, Jackson and Avery they're all tested. They are tested over & over again. There was so many times I found myself balling my eyes out. Other times I was screaming NO then laughing. ESP every time Jackson & Charlotte tried to get it in and somehow they'd get blocked. I never wanted a couple to get it as much as these 2!! Hahaha. This is def not  a complete lovey dovey story. It's about 2 best friends who become sisters who are put to the test their whole lives. They're trying to survive the best and only way they know how. They don't know much other then they can't & won't loose each other. They can't live without each other.   I am really glad Ashlee asked me to read it. I'm dying for book 2.

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