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✯Blog Tour Review✯Burning Barriers (Barriers Series #2.5) by Sara Shirley

Author: Sara Shirley
Series: Barriers Series Book #2.5 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
We were high school prom king and queen.

He moved on. I moved east.

Seven years ago, I left Breckenridge, Colorado, hoping never to return.

All it took was one horrific night not too long ago to change everything.

Now, I’m back in Breckenridge to recover from a recent attack that nearly took my life as well as my best friend’s, and there is one person I hope I don’t run into.

His name is Jake Galloway.

My old boyfriend and my first true love.

I’ve never told anyone about him for fear of my deepest feelings resurfacing.

I’m more afraid of what will happen to me should my path cross with Jake’s again. I know memories of what we once had will hurt me more than anything I’ve recently gone through.

He’ll own my heart and my body all over again.

She took off running when I confessed I loved her but couldn’t give her the committed relationship she wanted. I needed to live my college years and party it up with lots of girls and booze. 

Sex with Lucy Wyatt was an experience in and of itself. I thought I was doing right by moving on from her. I thought there was more out there than just Lucy, even if we burned for each other like a raging wildfire. 

I haven’t seen her since the night she took off from my house. Little did I know life would throw me a curveball once I got to college. 

I still screw women and drink all night long, but that has to do with the direction my life went seven years ago. It has nothing to do with college, simply because I never made it past my first week once classes began. 

I lost Lucy. I lost out on the college experience. And, I lost my father all in the course of a few short months. 

Now, Lucy’s back, and I want her more than ever. The minute my eyes trailed on her driving down the street, my desire for her burned more than ever. It’s as though seven years apart never happened. It’s just this time I’m not sure I can have her anymore. 

Can old flames still burn? Lucy and Jake are about to find out. 

 ✯✯5 Burning Red Hot Stars!!✯✯

Sara Shirley has hit another grand slam!! I have read the first 2 books in the Barriers Series and loved everything about them. The storyline and the characters kept me up at night. Burning Barriers was no different. Being that this book was a novella I'm going to keep this short. I would hate to spoil something.

Jake Galloway broke Lucy's heart 7yrs ago. She ran away and never looked back. Lucy found friends in her roller derby girls. Lucy would do anything for them. She is happy on the outside. But, Jake broke her. She doesn't date. Just has random hook-ups. When she's with these guys she is picturing Jake and only Jake. Always.

Lucy Wyatt slipped through Jake's hands. And, he has nobody to blame but the person looking back at him in the mirror every morning. Jake took to drinking and random hook-ups too. Every girl he hooks up with he sees Lucy and only Lucy. Every time.

After the attack at the hands of Stone Lucy heads home for the first time in 7yrs. Her family insists it'll help her recover and move on from it. But, that's going to be hard. Lucy is determined to stay far away from Jake. 

Lucy doesn't get her wish for very long. Jake shows up at her parents house and lets her know right off the bat he wants her back and he's not taking no for an answer. Lucy lets Jake know she only plans on staying a month tops. But, the minute their hands touch they both know the chemistry they had 7yrs ago is still there and just as strong. If not stronger!

What neither Jake or Lucy expected to happen indeed happen. Both of their barriers were I'm not sure to say they were broken, burned or built so high that nobody could get inside. They start hanging out and everything is coming back. And, then some. Lucy is now facing a new battle. She's still adamant  about going back to her roller derby girls. But, Jake and her heart is telling her something else. Jake to is trying his hardest by pulling out all the stops to change Lucy mind. While working to expand his fathers ranch to make his memory alive and him proud. 

But, of course nothing comes easy to Lucy & Jake. These 2 have broken the hot & sexy scale! If that was it they'd have it made. But, they have a lot of obstacles in there way. A jealous female def makes things difficult for them. Luckily, Jake & Lucy have awesome people in their corner helping them. 

Burning Barriers is about Lucy & Jake second chance at happiness. This book had me laughing, crying from laughing and crying. I can't wait for what Sara is going to give me next. This may be her 3rd book. But, you'll never know it. This is a must read. But, I will tell you this. This book is considered a standalone but and I mean a big but. I would definitely 110% recommend you read Hidden Barriers first. I say this because will get the full complete story of what happened to Lucy when Stone went after her and why.



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Sara Shirley

I think my love for books started when I was a teenager on summer vacations reading Mary Higgins Clark novels. As I grew older that turned into reading romance novels. Now, that's turned into me writing three romance novels and another on the way in the series. 

In college I actually majored in Geography and concentrated in Travel & Tourism. I still love to travel constantly, but now find myself working in the world of Finance during the day and writing romance novels at night. 

I was born and raised just north of Boston and currently live with my husband and cat. When I'm not running a mile a minute with work and books you can find me at a local wine tasting or out with friends at the pub doing shots of Patron. I have a weak spot for candy, Ghirardelli chocolate to be exact. I am addicted to the three "C"s. Coffee, Cheese and Carbs. I grew up with an Italian family and giving those up will never be an option. 

I typically have a dirty mind and zero filter between my head and my mouth. If you are around me...good luck. I'm obsessed with hockey, Oregon football, beaches, Supernatural, Friends and stupid comedy movies. I've been called a "tall drink of water" due to my height and love for platform heels. Chances are you will not miss me if we are ever in the same room. Just look for the chick laughing hysterically, wearing heels and holding a glass of wine in her hand. That will be me.

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