Friday, January 30, 2015

✯Review✯ SERIAL VOLUME 3 by Jaden Wilkes and Lily White

With Donovan closing in, his feelings growing for Ronnie, and the sudden realization where their paths crossed before, Jude's composure might be cracking.

Will Donovan get the CK? Will Jude make a fatal mistake? Will Patty make it out alive? And will we ever figure out where Ronnie and Jude met before?

Join us for Volume three in a bold, exciting, dark new adventure from Lily White and Jaden Wilkes. 

Can anyone hope to find their happily ever after when a serial killer falls in love?

**Contains scenes of sex and violence that may disturb and revolt some readers. They may excite others, so yeah, you're kinda sick if they do. ;)

6 Stars!
Holy Crap! Where to begin. I thought Volume One was seriously sick and twisted, well Volume Three definitely topped that one. It was crazy, intense and downright fucked. It makes me question my own sanity and right of mind because how can any sane person love something so deliciously twisted as this?!?! 

At the end of Volume two I thought I had it all figured out as to where the story would be going from there. NOPE! I was beyond wrong as the twists kept coming and threw me completely off track. I NEVER would have guessed that Volume Three would end up going in the direction in which it did, especially in the end. To say I was lost to this story would be an understatement as I was made to feel almost like my mind was one with the characters. 

Jude continued his crazy antics as a serial killer. Haven fallen in love with Ronnie he is doing all he can to protect her from himself and keep her alive. Ronnie took off in a whole new direction. And Donnovan Blake continued his obsessive search to find CK before he could strike again, his darker side coming into play and making you question everything. And Patty…. drug addict, prostitute, and mother. I cannot stand her character one little bit. Someone in the next book needs to off her, and fast. Being a mother myself it really gets my blood boiling how she cares more about her drugs than her own child. I can only hope the child has a happily ever after. 

The minds of Jaden Wilkes and Lily white are that of pure geniuses. Sick, twisted, dark and disturbing geniuses who really know how to mess with the readers heads. There is a HUGE twist and cliffy at the end of this book which has left me on the verge of being put in a padded white room. I seriously hope Volume 4 comes out SOON because I need more fucked-up-ness in my life that only these two can deliver.

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