Sunday, January 11, 2015

✯Review✯ Ride (Carolina Bad Boys #3) by Rie Warren


The full, sexy, New Adult version of RIDE, the novella featured in Stone, At Your Service, Carolina Bad Boys series. 

College man Jase Everly has bad boy written all over him. Rides a motorcycle? Check. Has tats? You bet. Couldn't give a shit about rules? He's all over that. 

When he's cut off from the oil baron family funds, he finds a new way to support his education, his bike habit, his bad habits. And his business venture is nothing he's proud of. 

Top-notch student Avery Greene is a good girl. Deans List, never missed a class, straitlaced material. She's on the college fast track until one night and one jock destroy her life. She hides inside her sweaters. She buries her nose in her books. 

She ignores the pain inside her, and she's sure she hates Jase from the moment she lays eyes on him. 

The problem is—Avery needs someplace to stay, and Jase wants a roommate. They’re enemies at first sight. Now they’re going to live together. 

Roomies? Maybe.
Romance? Never. 
That’s what she said.

Please note: This story includes a discussion of rape. This painful conversation is necessary for the growth of the couple's relationship.

 ✯✯5 Insanely Good Stars!!✯✯

Rie Warren has done it to me again! Except this is a novella so I finished it faster then the first 2 books in the series. Just like the other books in the series there is 1 fine sexy man with a motorcycle in it and his princess. 

Avery needs to get out of her dorm room. As like in yesterday! She finds an article for a room to rent and gets on her bicycle and goes. She was not prepared for who was going to open the door once she got there.

Jase Everly opens his door to a pretty girl. Not only was she pretty but is was obvious to anybody looking at her that she was scared. Terrified actually. She wearing baggy clothes and is skittish. You def can't touch her. Jase instantly wants to save her.

Avery doesn't know anything about Jase except what she's heard about him. Rich, he doesn't do girlfriends but that doesn't mean he doesn't get girls. When she moves in she learns a few things about him. He is very quick to help her. He moves her out of the dorm so she don't have to go back there. Jase cooks her meals and no matter how many times she tries to pay him rent. He refuses to take it. 

Jase & Avery quickly get into a nice routine. Jase made sure to do everything he could to make Avery feel safe. They also had their fare shares of giving it to each other good. I mean who wouldn't love eating breakfast every morning with a 1/2 naked Jase sitting across from her? Avery herself had Jase seeing red on a constant basis.

Both Jase and Avery are hiding secrets. And, let me tell you there both pretty big secrets! Even through all the secrets that they were keeping their attraction was something that couldn't be kept secret. They both tried to fight it. Avery because she wasn't physically or emotionally ready. Or so she thinks. And, Jase doesn't think he's good enough for her. Then, they just couldn't hold back anymore. And, man oh man! These 2 are hot.

These 2 didn't start off as friends. Then Jase became a protector for Avery. They casually start a friendship that turns into so much more. I believe they saved each other. I really loved this book. Rie handled all the hard topics perfect. She left nothing undone. Now, if she had Jase work at Stone's garage in the next book. Man, I'd be over the moon happy!! Hey, a girl can dream can't she.

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