Monday, March 13, 2017

✯Release Review✯Wicked Bastard (Grim Bastards MC #5) by Emily Minton & Shelley Springfield


She's a woman who doesn’t believe in love. 
Daughter of an alcoholic, Pru Turner has spent her entire life taking care of her mother. She has built walls of steel around her heart, never allowing anyone in. When Hack came into her life, those walls came tumbling down. But when he walked out on her, she decided to never let anyone close to her heart again. That changes when she gives birth to Hack’s daughter. Now, she has to decide if she can trust him enough to let him back into her life again.
He's a bastard with a tortured past. 
The Bastards’ Treasurer, Noah Chambers, isn’t a typical biker. He spends his time trying to forget the death of his old lady, deciding to never let anyone touch his heart again. When he meets Pru, everything changes, and he knows that his heart will never be the same. Fear of feeling the pain of loss again and duty to his brothers take him from her side until an unexpected message brings him back to her and their daughter. Now, he has to prove his love for her. 
Can two people with troubled pasts forgive and forget, or are they destined to be alone forever?

✯5 Hack Size Stars!!!

The Grim Bastards are back and as ever.I been hooked since the very beginning of this series. Pru and Hack were no different.

Hack lost his wife. He ended up on a downward spiral into a dangerously ugly gutter. When his President told him to go and get straightened out, he left.But, when he walked into that dingy diner he was unprepared for what was next.

Pru was unprepared for her life to change after she waited on his table. Hack has invaded her life. She's use to  her mothers abuse. She's been getting it her entire life. Hack treats her like a queen. Until the morning he dips out on her. Without a word except a stack of cash and a letter.

Hack left but didn't stop thinking about Pru. She didn't make it easy on him. She's in his mind and on his heart. She has been blowing up his phone. When Hack finally breaks down and listens to her last message his heart drops. Pru has given birth to his daughter.

Hack runs to go get his woman and daughter back. He's going to do whatever it takes to get her back. When Hack gets there he falls so much more in love with Pru and is a complete goner with his love for his daughter. But, then Hack notices something dangerous. Pru and his daughter are being watched. Hack and his brothers now have to find out why. Hack vows to keep his girls safe. No matter what!

I read this in  2 sittings. It was fast paced. This one was definitely a second chance at romance, forgiveness, love and life. Emily and Shelley are perfect together. I hope they keep going.

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