Monday, November 23, 2015

✯Release Review✯Longing For You (Never Too Late Series #1) by Mayra Statham


They say first love is the strongest. Some even say it can last a lifetime. Scott Kostas and Jess Logan were one another’s first love. Young and naïve, they didn’t know what they had and let it go, creating separate lives.

Now, over thirty years later, an unexpected encounter brings Jess, Scott and old memories back together. Older and wiser, both are determined not to make the same mistake twice. For Scott that means showing Jess that he’s the man she can count on. For Jess? She’s determined not to let Scott break her heart a second time. 

From the start they realize that the connection they once shared is still there and time has only made it stronger as they get to know the people that they have become after so many years apart. Love and passion refuses to stay buried in the past. Can love bring two souls back together despite life’s many obstacles? Will they finally get their own happily ever after?

A short story reminding us, no matter what, when it comes to love, it is never too late! 34k words

 ✯✯5 Beautiful Stars!!!✯✯

This is the first book in Mayra Statham's new series Never Too Late. And, what a great start it is. Only Mayra can make me swoon over a guy who's that much older then me. But, not only has she done it once but twice now. 

Jess Logan and Scott Kostas were in love. Yes, they had their ups and their relationship wasn't perfect. But, Jess and Scott loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Until somebody interfered and they broke up. 

For the next thirty years they are still thinking and wondering what happened to the other one. Jess and Scott never got over each other. But, they did manage to move on and get married. Now, they are divorced and both have 2 kids. Scott has  2 girls and Jess has one of each. Both their marriages ended for different reasons. Scott's ex is a miserable person who likes making his life miserable. Jess still has a great relationship with her ex.

Nether one of them ever expected to seeing each other again. That was until they have to go out to lunch. Scott's daughter Chloe wants him to meet her boyfriend's parents. Jess is meeting her son Drew to meet his girlfriend's parents. Yup, you guessed it. Lifelong loves children are in love and planning on getting married. Talk about karma kicking you in the ass!!

After the breath was sucked out of both of them, they bounce back and get thru lunch. Now, there's all these questions running thru their heads. Is this their second chance, do/how they tell their kids and how is this going to work. Is just a few.

This was such a beautiful second chance romance. It was like watching 2 people fall in love for the first time. Except they never fell out of love to begin with. I am looking forward to the rest of this short story novella series.

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