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✯Blog Tour Review✯A New Life Series Finisher Set by Samantha Jacobey

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A New Life SeriesFinisher Set
Samantha Jacobey
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A New LifeSeries - Starter Kit

Captive - A New Life Series

Book 1 of a New Life Series - Formerly 'Life of Recovery'

To what lengths would you go to break away from a life filled with pain and suffering?
Tori Farrell has lived a dangerous life. When you grow up with a Motorcycle Gang of Mercenaries and Drug Lords like the Dragons, a normal life is more like a fairytale. For years, she accepted her dark reality, a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. In the end, she learned the most valuable lesson: survival.

After years of being ruled by the Dragons, Tori uses her skills of seduction and assassination to free herself from the grasp of the people who vowed they would never let her go. Taken in by the FBI, she fears not everything is what it seems, and soon finds herself lost in a web of lies and deceit. She thought getting away from the Dragons would put her on a path to a new and better life,but now she must face the cold hard truth” there is always a price to be paid.

3.5 Captivating Stars!!  

Where do I begin? I was so intrigued when I read the synopsis for this book. For some reason the darker the book the more into it I am. While this book is definitely dark & twisted on multiple levels. Even with all the stuff I like. I was still very disappointed with this book. The main reason why is because it's in the 3rd person. And, it did bounce back & forth from past to present. But, I'd say 90-95% had no conversation. There was very little dialectic. It made it very, very hard for me to get attached to anybody.

Tori wakes up in a hospital and has no idea how she got there. She was found in a farm house barely alive. All the guys in The Dragon MC were found dead because of Tori. How you ask. The Dragons captured her at a very young age. During her time with The Dragons she had things to do. She'd cook, clean up after them. They taught her how to read. Once Tori's body started to develop she was used for a lot of other reasons. Tori was abused, raped and tortured on  a regular basis. They also taught her how to fight and eventually taught her to become a killing machine. My heart really did break for her while reading how bad she was tortured.

Eli who works for the FBI & is in charge of finding out what Tori knows. He believes she can help solve a 3yr old case that involved his partner. Eli lets Tori know he is here to help her. Eli realizes Tori doesn't trust anybody. Doesn't like to be touched. And, that she doesn't seem to want to talk.

Tori finally decides to tell Eli everything. She feels safe with him. It's been awhile since Tori has felt safe with a man. They end up with a good relationship. He did annoy the crap out of me with how he looked, acted and thought about her. She's been held captive by a very dangerous MC Gang. Who raped & tortured her for years!!! And, he's working for the FBI and supposed to be helping and saving her. Yet, he's thinking other things?!?! Totally, totally pissed me off to no end!!

It was not a terrible book.If you like a book with hardly any conversations just back story then this is your book. It was definitely graphic in the explaining of Tori's torture. Which I liked. I'm still debating on if & when I'll read book #2.

Bound - A New Life Series

Book 2 of a New Life Series - Formerly 'Life of Doubt'

Raised by bikers and held by the FBI, Tori Farrell has literally walked over dead men to get to where she is today.

When she broke the ties to her dark and twisted life with the Dragons, she thought it would give her a fresh start and a chance to live a normal life.However, she soon discovered the demons from her past have no desire to let her go.

Bound to a halfway house under orders of the FBI, Tori takes things day by day,working to move forward and to face her own addictions. With her true identity a mystery and no family to turn to, she must learn to accept the love and support of those around her. When a mysterious and charismatic man walks into Tori’s life, she believes she’s finally found someone who wants her for who she is. But sometimes danger doesn’t hide cloaked in darkness” It comes out into the light of day in the form of a smooth talking bad boy who appears to be everything you’ve been looking for, but is really the one thing you should be running from”

✯✯4 Bound Stars!!!✯✯

After finishing book one I can honestly say I was not in too much of a rush to move on to the next book. It was a hard book from me to move on from. Because, I really, really honestly love the story. But, I how certain things are written and described. But, I gave it another chance. I still am slightly disappointed but not totally hating it either. 

This book picks up right where we left off. Tori is headed onto a plane headed to Los Angeles. She is not happy about it either.  Tori knows she is older then 15. She knows the feds are playing games but she knows there's nothing she can do about it. Tori must be careful. She must go to this halfway house for the next six months before she can be emancipated. Tori needs to behave and lay low for six months. Tori needs to just go to work at the record store she's been assigned too and not make friends. They are also making her go to weekly AA meetings. Should be easy..

Tori gets to LA and into the halfway and stays to herself. Her boss Terry seems nice. He understands her quietness and her need to not be touched. And, he respects it. The people in the halfway for the most part leave her alone. Until a new resident moves in. Unfortunately, it's Enrique. He knows Tori from her past from the Dragons. This can cause serious problems for her.

As much as Tori does not want people in her life, it's kind of hard. When a huge situation comes to light Terry and her friends at the halfway house come to her side. Tori realizes she has friends. People she never wanted around. She knows keeping them in her life is potentially putting their lives in danger. But, for right now she'll keep them. They are helping her grow and learn new things everyday. 

Terry has had the biggest impact on her. He's teaching her the ropes on running a business. For a just in case kinda thing. He's also always telling her all the things at the right time. She'll never admit it out loud but she respects everything he is telling her and teaching her.

Tori and everyone that knows her knows she is much older then 15. When her emancipation trial comes it's good and bad news. The FBI are hiding things. And, important things. When Tori is close to having her exit plan figured and ready to go her past comes walking into her job. Tori runs and doesn't plan on looking back. Until that person sits down next to her on the bus.

This book just like the first book was super hard for me to rate. Even though I really truly loved the story and I flew through this book. I can not stand that there is almost NO dialogue through out the whole book. I mean maybe one-two line dialogue every few pages. Really??!! The other thing that absolutely made my blood boil was how things were described. When there was a sexual reference the way things were described. UGH!! If I read about "salty ooze" one more time. I probably would of thrown my kindle across my backyard. "Salty ooze" who would want that near them? I've heard a lot of different names. But, that was just one of the bunch of stuff that blew my mind. Other then that I really liked the story and want to know what is next for Tori. I'm hoping she'll get the new life she truly truly deserves!!

Entwined - A New Life Series

Book 3 of a New Life Series

There is nothing crueler than getting a taste of something you’ve fought hard to reach, only to have it ripped away, sending your world into a tailspin

Tori wants to put the past behind her, but it’s a daunting task when you have the FBI trying to force you back into the life you’ve escaped. When a ghost from her past visits, it could be the leverage they need to do exactly that”" put her back into the game of murder and deceit. Tori has decided to run, in an attempt to protect her new friends, by fleeing from LA.

Wanting a place to call home and feel safe from the madness, she sets out with a plan to disappear and hide in anonymity. Her idea only holds one flaw ”"a man she can’t shake, who won’t take 'No' for an answer.

She soon discovers that getting a new life means she must first lay to rest the demons of her past.


BOOK-MA - This book is specifically designed to be viewed by adults and

therefore is unsuitable for children under 17.

L - Coarse language
S - Sexual content
V - Violence

✯✯4 Entwined Stars!!!✯✯

This is the 3rd book in this series. This book is better then the last 2. I still have the same exact complaints as the first 2 but I do like the story line. I really did love the new characters in this book. Every book we get to know more of Tori's backstory and more secrets are revealed. Slowly the whole story is being given and the lies that have been told are making some sense. 

We pick up right where Bound left off. Except not in Tori POV instead in the man that made her run outta the music store and onto a bus. Remember back to book one Captive we heard about Henry. The guy who practically raised Tori and he genuinely loved and cared about her. We met Henry's younger half-brother Michael Anderson. Michael had made  a promise to his brother to take care of Tori. Micheal knows his brother loves this girl but for the life of it he can not see or understand why. But, he'd do anything for Henry. Michael has been waiting for Henry to send him the girl. But, hasn't heard anything from Henry in a year. 

Eddie Farrell the head of the dragons had made Michael get a job as head security for the group Indelible. He couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Tori working there. When she saw him and took off he convinced Terry he was there to help and protect her. Now, their on a bus to Denver for who knows what. Michael can't stand Tori and the feelings are mutual. Tori thinks Michael took advantage of her all those years ago. She doesn't realize that other then Terry he's the only other guy in her life to never touch her. Michael can't even look at her. He thinks she's nothing but a dirty nasty slut a dirty whore. Little does he realize that all that time with the Dragons she did things not by choice. She did it to stay alive. She did it to not get beat up and hurt more then she already was. Tori had to adapt.

Michael got Tori to agree to let him stay with her until she got to her final destination and settled down. They get to Denver and eventually end up in Texas. Tori knows it's the perfect place to disappear too. Tori knows as long as she's alive the organization will never stop looking for her. Which means she'll never be 100% safe. That's why she can not have friends bc she will not let anybody else get hurt because of her. 

Michael refuses to leave Tori. They agree on a date he will leave by. Tori tries to just ignore the man. That definitely doesn't work too well. With the money they have they buy an abandoned gas station with attached house. Michael shows Tori all about fixing houses and certain basic living. Everything is basically new for Tori from what she was used to growing up with the Dragons. Tori then teaches Michael how to fix motorcycles. They fix them up and sell them and do it all over again.

The more time these two spend together the more they realize they were wrong about the other. Michael can see why is brother loved Tori. He knows there is nobody that can protect, care and love her like he can. He needs to make her his and that includes her having his last name. Tori realizes Michael isn't the man she thought he was. And, the more time she spends with him the more she realizes she doesn't want him to leave. She wants him to stay which is so weird for her. Just when they both thought they had everything figured out for now somebody from Tori past comes knocking at their front door.

This book moved pretty quick for me. I loved how we got a completely different side of Tori. Michael POV of her was great to see. Even though they spent so much time without speaking to each other. They still figured out a way to coexist together. The more space Michael gave her the more Tori opened up. The more stuff she learned she liked and the new stuff she learned. Tori learned how to live an everyday life. The way she should have. Tori learned to trust Michael. I loved that she started having flashbacks/dreams. From what and where we still aren't sure. But, I'm hoping that means we will find out more of Tori's past life sooner then later. Seeing how patient Michael was with Tori was awesome. He went from thinking the worst of the worst to the opposite. Even when he didn't think highly of her he still gave her the respect. Even if just for the sake of his brother. Other then Terry he's probably the best thing to enter her life. I still could not stand the lack of dialogue and the way stuff was worded. It killed me!! It's obvious by the storyline that the author is not a prude. So, why the words folds and salty ooze and others. It takes away from what's actually going on. For me anyway. I will read book 4 bc I need to know what's next for Tori and Michael.


A New Life Series - Finisher Set

Exposed (New Life #4)

Book 4 in A New Life Series

When seduction and danger are all you've ever known can you ever truly leave it behind?

When Tori walked away from a life of crime, she set forth on a path of redemption and discovery. She found a man to call her own, and a life she would give anything to keep. But love and life aren't always beautiful or kind...sometimes they are painful and traitorous.

For years, Tori's drug of choice was alcohol, but through hard work and self-determination she has learned to exist without it. Suddenly faced with her true identity, and the danger of having friends and family destroyed by the world she left behind, she finds herself once again lost in a dark world filled with sex. drugs and murder.

She thought that a life of normalcy is what she wanted most, but when she gets a small taste of the dangerous life she once lived, she is forced to face the facts...not all of the demons are found on the outside.

✯✯4 Exposed Stars!!!✯✯

This is the 4th book in this series. This story keeps getting crazier and crazier. Just when you think you'll get all the answers Samantha Jacobey gives you 4 answers with 6 new questions!! I finished this book in one afternoon. This book is not a standalone and you must read the first 3 books before trying to read this review or book!

Exposed picks up right where Entwined left off. Tori, Michael and FBI Detective or to her as just Eli are headed back to New York. They find quickly find out why. Michael's former employers have gotten their house broken into. Now, their headed back to the Indelible's group house to see if Michael can help them figure out who is behind it.

When they get in the house to  look around Tori instantly realizes it's not Indelible they're after. It's her. And, the who is the Scorpions. The Scorpions are another gang connected to the Dragons and the Organization. Tori also sees  a room that the head guitarist Brian has set up. It's of his family that died years ago. Except Tori's life starts to flash in front of her. Brian is her older brother. 

Tori heads out of the house leaving Michael and Brian. She's going after the Scorpions. The FBI are as happy as a pig in shit. Tori has always had a job to do and with no family they could play games with her. It's why she's being told she's 15. They're loving every minute of it.

Michael takes the guys back to his and Tori home in Texas. He must keep them laying low while his love goes off to who knows where to do who knows what. Michael just prays Tori will comeback to him. So, he keeps himself busy while she's gone. Michael plans on making them a forever home for Tori and himself.

Tori needs to find the Scorpions. She calls the one person who can get her there. Enrique. Tori loves Michael and knows in her heart she belongs with him. But, she knows the Scorpions are going to expect certain things from her. She keeps telling herself she's got a part to play. Enrique and Tori get to the Scorpions really quick.

Brett is leader of the Scorpions and has waited a long time to get a hold of Tori. Years ago he tried buying her from Eddie. That didn't end well. Now, that she showed up on his doorstep he wasn't going to turn her away. Tori must earn her way into the group anyway she can. Tori has trusted Enrigue on her plan for the Scorpions. She just praying and hoping he loves her enough to keep his mouth shut.

Tori and Brett become close very fast. Which is a plus for Tori. Brett knows exactly what Tori was capable of. He know what Eddie and the Dragons trained and used her for. Now, Tori has slipped back into the role she was used to playing. But, was the role she was playing was she really playing it? Tori was even questioning herself. Tori loves Michael. She's got his name tattooed on her. Yet, this role she's playing is making her question herself. Why is she doing the things she's doing. Or better yet. Why is she enjoying it. Are Brett and Enrique giving her something that Michael can't or won't give her. How long is the FBI going to be using her as a pawn in their sick twisted game. Brett has given her the info of her family and how she ended up in the Dragons. What does that mean for her and Brian. The last time they saw each other they couldn't stand each other. 

Tori has a job to do and she must figure out how to get it done. This book was a quick read. The story itself is twisted and crazy. Just when I had everything figured out. Yea right!! The FBI would pop up and drop the 80th bomb. This is the 4th book in the series and the 4th time I'm going to say this. The writing is KILLING me!!! There's hardly any dialogue. At all!! And... If I hear man bulge, warm folds or salty ooze I'm going to scream!! If I didn't want to know what happens to Tori and Michael or with Tori and Brian I wouldn't finish the series. But, the story is good so I will go read the rest of the series. But, there's too many unanswered questions that I want to know.

 Indelible - Book 5 of A New Life Series

What do you do if you discover the life you’re living isn’t the one you were meant to have?

Tori Farrell’s path has been a long one. She was raised by a Motorcycle Gang called the Dragons, trained as an assassin, and lived by the sword in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. She made her escape, and even successfully thwarted a second attempt to draw her back in.

Returning to her safe new life, Tori faces unforeseen challenges, as the discovery of her Rock Star relation, Brian Madson, gives way to the desire to have the life she was born to live. Haunted by fear, and caught in a fierce battle between her husband and brother, she must learn to accept her dark past and face her future boldly. The FBI and The Organization still linger in the shadows, and time is creeping forward, pushing her to choose. Which path will she take, and where will it lead, when she is forced to decide between destiny and fate…

✯✯4 Indelible Stars!!!✯✯

This is the 5th book in this series. This is not a standalone and must be read in order! I did like this book the best so far. It was different from the first 4. I think some of the decisions Tori made at the end were stupid and reckless. But, I guess when you're raised by a motorcycle gang that tends to happen.

Tori is FINALLY home!! Both Tori and Michael couldn't be happier then to be in the arms of the person they love the most. Brian is glad to have his sister back. Except the feeling isn't mutual. Tori wants her brother gone. Michael talks Tori into letting her brother stay for  a month. Tori agrees bc she really doesn't have a choice.

Brian stays in Texas with Tori and Michael, while the rest of the band heads back to New Jersey. While Tori and Brian try and get to know each other. Michael continues to fix up the house for him and Tori. Tori and Brian start to get to know each other more and more. Tori is teaching him about motorcycles. Brian starts teaching her more about music. Brian learns real quick she's not that bad. She needs more lessons. Tori is really enjoying the whole brother/sister thing. It's her marriage she's having issues with.

 Michael owns Tori heart. But, Tori's having a problem going from the Dragons back into everyday life. Tori is missing something. She's not missing the alcohol or the fighting or the killing. Tori is missing what Brett and Enrique gave her. The sex. As much as she loves what her and Michael have. But, Michael will never get as down right raunchy and nasty that Enrique gets. Michael can sense that something isn't 100% right with Tori. But, he'll never push her to talk about something that she's not ready to talk about.

Michael is not only worried about him and Tori's issues, Michael has sat back and watched Tori and Brian as well. Brian can see his sister doesn't belong in Texas with Michael living the quiet life. Brian plans on going back to New Jersey. But, not without Tori. He knows she belongs on stage next to him. Unfortunately, his brother-in-law doesn't agree. At all!! Michael keeps trying to get Brian to see the big picture. Tori's been through a lot in her life. The FBI is still holding out. But, with proof that Brian IS her biological brother. That is the the way to get her emancipated. But, Tori needs stability and running off with Brian to be in the Indelible's wouldn't be good for her. Tori can sense the tension between her husband and brother. And, it's killing her.

Tori decides to stay behind her husband. Brian goes back to New Jersey and they promise to meet soon. Tori starts going to the house with Michael. She learns quick that Marge is sick. Tori starts going over there and helping Michael fix things up while helping Marge. Just when things are starting to fall into place for Tori and Michael they get a phone call. Brian and the rest of the guys were in a car accident and they need to get to Brian.

Tori insists on staying with Brian until he's healed 100%. Michael agrees but he'll follow Tori anywhere. Brian uses this time that Tori is here to take care of him to his advantage. Brian and Tori start playing music together more and more. The more they do that the more and more Michael gets mad. Michael and Brian can not agree on whats best for Tori. Tori is stuck between the 2 guys she loves the most in her life. Her family. Her husband. Her brother. Tori has 2 choices. Does she join Brian and become the newest member of Indelible? Or...Does she do what Michael wants. Go back home to Texas with Michael finish fixing up their house, and try to start a family. Michael lets her know either way he'll be by her side.

I really loved how much Tori grew in this book. Tori always try to do whats right for everyone. Even though she got all her memories back of her childhood with Brian and  their parents. Also, took the extra step to figure out if and how if possible to be able to have a family of her own with Michael. She was good at dealing with Brian and Michael. I hated how the Organization is still out there and possibly still a threat. It killed me that even with them still around Brian was trying to talk her into throwing her into the spotlight so the whole world can see her. Pure stupidity!!! And, Michael. I want Michael!!! He's the perfect man. I wish I could find a man to love and worship me the way he did Tori. Poor guy always get the crap end of every deal. Even though Tori loved him with everything. She has no idea how to express how she's feeling. The good, bad or ugly she can't get it into the right words and it always makes matters worse. There's still not enough dialogue.But, I am looking forward to the next part of Tori, Michael, Brian and everyone else's story!!

Intrepid - A New Life Novel

When past and present collide, how do you escape your fate?

Tori Farrell is finally on the path that leads to a bright future. Raised to bean assassin, she lived in a world consisting of drugs, sex, violence and murder. Gaining her freedom, and discovering her true identity, she has reconciled the life was born to have with the one she fought so hard to flee.Managing to hold on to her soul mate, she is pushing forward, refusing to allow the fear to hold her back any longer.

Taking her place in her brother’s band, Tori faces new challenges. Learning to live the life of a rock star seems easy enough, and she quickly gets a handle on what she holds most dear. Soon enough, the tables are turned, with the realization that the FBI has merely taken to the shadows, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Only when her former lover forces his way back into her life does it become clear; some things are simply meant to be...

✯✯4 Daring Stars!!✯✯

This is the 6th book in the New Life series. I honestly didn't think I'd get this far in the series. Even though there are times I want to throw my kindle, I'm glad I picked this series back up. In the first 5 books I wanted to knock Tori out multiple times. But, this time. Oh Michael Michael Michael. I wanted to rip off his man parts and shove them down his throat!! LOL

Tori has decided to join her brothers band. She is officially the new guitar player in Indelible. Tori is working with Brian and the rest of the guys on perfecting on learning the songs. Michael isn't making it easy on her. He can not stand all the hours she's spending with her brother everyday. The band's manager talks them into doing photograph's for magazines and TV talk shows to introduce Tori as the newest member.

Tori's mind and heart are all over the place. She loves Michael. But, she literally does not take his feelings into consideration, At all!! When her and Brian are working on music for like 8hrs she totally forgets about him. Poor Michael wants to go home. But, will follow Tori no matter how unhappy he is. Tori and Michael always seem to be fighting. He lets her know at the end of the tour she must choose to stay with the band or go home with him. That should of been the worst part. Brett and Enrique see her photograph on the cover of a magazine and decide to go to Tori to kept an eye on her before the Organization shows up.

Brett and Enrique show up and tell her they're her new bodyguards.Both Michael and Tori have been silently waiting for the other shoe to drop. Tori knows the Organization is out there and the FBI is not far away either. Tori, Michael, Brian and the rest of the guys agree to let them be her new bodyguards. Except that's not the only thing Enrique wants to be. He is not afraid to let it be known he wants Tori. Not even Michael.

The tension between Michael and Tori get worse and worse. Tori's head and heart is so messed up and confused it's unreal, Tori has never loved a guy as much as Michael. Except with Michael she's missing something. He will never get as dirty, rough and nasty in bed as she wants,craves and loves. It's what she's missing. Enrique can give it to her. He always has and will again. Without a question. Michael lets Tori know she can do whatever she wants and he won't ask questions or get mad. Really??!!! I was totally on Tori's side when she flipped and got mad. But, that's not the worst.  A new  FBI agent comes outta nowhere letting her know she's in trouble and they need to work together. She brushes him off doesn't tell the guys and they head back to L.A

Back in the first place where she felt at home. She goes to Terry's music store for promotional stuff for Indelible. Tori is beyond stressed out. But, is glad to be back by Terry. Tori gets time to head to the halfway house who was her first real home with the first people she's considered parents. She has a fantastic night. But, it doesn't last long. The halfway house was put on fire. Arson. But, why? FBI agents Eli and Mason show back up. Tori, Michael, Brett and Enrique find out  quick they are on Tori's side. They want to help her and the guys. There's a leak in the FBI to the Organization. But, who and why? Tori must now finish the job they always had wanted her to do that she didn't. But, her family was attacked. 

As like the first 5 books this one went just as fast paced as the rest. But, I did like this a little bit more then the first 5. Why?? Easy... DIALOGUE!!! There was a lot more of it. If this book wasn't published months ago, I'd swear Samantha listened to my bitching lol.Tori, Enrique and Michael kept constantly pissing me off., In Tori's defense she didn't have the proper life growing up. So, she's not use to relationships and how to deal with men. Because, we all know how men are!! But, with that being said. We're starting to see a completely different side to Tori that we've yet to see. Tori isn't as bad ass and evil and cold as always. Tori is getting soft. She is starting to really care about more people. Terry's words "They'll always be people" keep playing in her head.   We  Enrique has no class. He knows she's married to Michael and loves him. Yet, he touched Tori every time he was next to her. He man obviously didn't know the word No in any language he spoke. And, Michael. Grow a huge pair already. Stop letting Tori do and say whatever she wanted too already. Just because he loves her doesn't give her the right to act out because you won't treat her like the nasty whore she is! You'd think she'd want different. He needed to knock out Enrique and knock Tori down a few notches. Other then that I liked this book. I can not wait to see how this series ends. I really hope Tori, Michael, Brian and the rest of the guys she cares about end up happy and safe.

 Avenged - A New Life Novel… 

To what lengths would you go to protect the people you care about most?

Tori Farrell has lived an incredible life. Raised by a Motorcycle Gang, trained to be an assassin, and a target of the FBI, having a normal life became an obsession. Taking her place in her brother’s band, she refused to let her dark and dangerous past force her to remain in hiding. The only problem with that was, some knew who she was in her former life.

The halfway house burned to the ground and her friends in imminent danger, it is time for Tori to take a stand. Surrounding herself with the strongest and darkest men that she can trust, she sets out on the greatest adventure of her life: to bring The Organization to their knees. Will they make it through the maze of lies and deceit? Will the FBI turn out to be friend or foe? And most importantly, will they all survive, as Tori makes her push to be avenged…

 ✯✯4 Avenged Stars!!!✯✯

This is the 7th and final book in this crazy non stop action filled series. Tori is close to finally finishing the job. The FBI has been playing one too many games with Tori's life. Even though she swore she was finished helping them and they were on their own. Until the Organization attacked her friends. Now, Tori plans on finishing them.

Tori has got herself some kick ass crew. Michael, Enrique, Brett, Mason and Eli come up with a plan to take out the Spiders and a few other groups closest to the Organization to get whatever info they can to take them out once and for all. But, they learn real fast that people would rather die then give anything away about the Organization.

Luckily for them they keep  gathering new information and learning a little more and more. When Det. Godfrey talks to Tori and gives her the truth the whole truth she knows how to finish this. Once and for all. Of course nothing is easy. Tori has been sick for weeks. She's lucky she can keep toast down and she's constantly tired. Huh...I wonder why?? Well, I figured out why and so did ALL the guys. Tori growing up with a bunch of men in a dangerous MC gang and never really been around women doesn't know too much womanly things. Luckily, Tori trusts the guys a lot to help her come up with final plans while she rests.

Tori is also fighting another battle. The one with her heart. Tori is in love with BOTH Michael and Enrique. Tori tried denying those feelings for Enrique but she can't fight it anymore. And, with Michael being 100% on board why deny it any longer. Yea, talk about WTF?!?! I thought so too. But, then again she is having the best of both her worlds and not hurting anyone

Just when everybody thinks everything is just about finished. They start to breathe a little easier. The Organization comes and Tori is missing. Now, Michael and Enrique must put their heads together and gather all the info they have and find Tori. Before it's too late. 

Like I've said before. I was not a fan of book 1. I did put the series down for a little while. Now, I can truthfully say. I am really, really glad I picked the series back up!! Tori was not the same girl in this book as she was in the first. In this book she was feeling from her heart and had legit feelings. She had a bunch of people behind her from her past, the band, Texas and LA who were now her family. An unconventional family. But, it didn't matter. I loved seeing Tori go from a heartless killing machine to someone with such a huge heart. That she'd die for the people she cared about. Samantha killed it!!

Samantha Jacobey is a middle aged womanwho earned a BS in Business Management and has worked in half a dozen fields.With a relentless zest for life, she enjoys action and adventure, as well asall the love and romance it has to offer. Creating stories in her mind for manyyears, she has put some of them into print for the world to share, and hopesyou will enjoy reading them as much as she did creating them. What drives hermost is the love of a good story and is confident you will enjoy her latestcreation.




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