Sunday, January 22, 2017

✯Review✯Carried Away: A Hope Falls Kindle World Novella by Mayra Statham


Software developer, Joel Vega, knows the moment his eyes catch sight of school teacher, Carrie Blue, that she is unlike any woman he has ever met. Though Carrie can’t deny the attraction she feels towards Joel, she isn’t the kind of woman who lets people in easily. Especially not drop-dead gorgeous men who look like trouble.

Fate shines its light on Joel, giving him the perfect opportunity to sweep Carrie off her feet while showing her that he isn’t the man she thinks he is. Hope Falls, California, is the perfect place to do that. With the magic of the picturesque mountain town and its people as their backdrop, Joel and Carrie share the sweetest, sexiest, longest first date ever.

Between bowling at Lone Pines Lanes, slow dancing at JT’s Roadhouse, and getting lost in the aisles of a used bookstore, will Joel finally talk Carrie into letting herself be carried away by what they feel for one another? Or will the fear of letting herself trust and rely on someone have her running the other way?

Take a chance and get ready to fall in love…

 ✯4 Hopeful Stars!!!

I always love when Mayra releases a new book. I was looking forward to this one BC I really wanted Carrie's story when I read Mayra's previous book Etched In Stone

Carrie Blue didn't have an easy childhood. All she's wanted was a stable home and a family and friends. She's gotten her dream teaching  job and has her best friends. Carrie was happy with her life. Then, Joel Vega walked into her classroom and her in circles.

Joel Vega is a software developer and when he walks into the school thats using his program he made. But, the instant he saw teacher Carrie Blue everything changed.No matter how many times he asks her out she  turns him down. But, Joel refuses to take no for an answer.

When Joel gets a reluctant Carrie to say yes to a date he wisks  her off to Hope Falls, California. Joel plans to make it the best first date she's ever had. Joel takes Carrie to the cutest, most adorable places. Carrie might of been unsure of Joel at first. But, now she's looking at him with her eyes and heart wide open.

I finished this book in one evening. I am not a huge fan of novellas. I always feel everything is too rushed. But, when I read Mayra's novella series Never Too Late, I really loved them. As much as I liked this book I was disappointed as well. I felt the story was rushed. And, the way Carrie went from being cautious and doesn't trust easily. To falling head over heals so fast. I guess BC I have liked her since the previous story I was invested in her and wished she got a longer book.  I guess that is me being needy LOL. All in all its a nice cute read. Oh and Joel. It has Joel. Perfection LOL

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