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~REVIEW~ Just Human by Kerry Heavens

Synopsis from Goodreads
Meet Liv and Danny...

Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her, so she lets him go without a fight when his parents make him move back to America. She knows she will never love anyone like she loved him, but she has to move on.

Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him, because she does nothing to get him to stay, so he goes quietly when his parents leave the UK. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her, but he has to move on.

Twelve years on, they have made a good job of pretending, they may have almost forgotten. But when they get in touch via Facebook, it seems that it is all still there. 

They quickly find that they are intensely compatible in ways they hadn’t even begun to explore before they were forced apart. 

Can they put aside their fears and give it a go? Or will deep rooted doubts and insecurities tear them apart?

Ariana's Review
4 Stars!!!

Just Human was an absolutely adorable story! It squeezed my insides in all the right ways, and gave me butterflies in my tummy. It reminded me what it was like to fall in love all over again. 

Danny and Liv were each others first loves. They were happy, and they were perfect for each other. Until one day they were separated. They were young, they were naive, and neither knew what the other was really thinking when it all went down. Twelve years later, one small chat online opens up a world of emotions which both had fought so hard to bury. Once they are in each others lives again, there is no turning back. Each are left with insecurities from how things left off the last time, neither one thinking that the other could have been as torn up and broken apart as they were. Just human follows the story of Danny and Liv as they work to push past their fears, and allow their hearts to open back up to one another. 

Liv and Danny were such "real" characters. They are not over the top and unbelievable. Although the relationship between them once they reunited progressed at an extremely fast speed, it just worked. Usually I would say that such an intense connection so quickly felt rushed, but in this story it actually didn't at all. For me, this was because of the background they shared together. It had almost felt as if they had been together the entire time, and hadn't spent so many years apart. Although they had tried to block out their feelings and move on with their lives, they were never truly happy until they were back in each others arms. 

"I guess my fear is, if I let myself love you, you might turn out to be just human. And if you're just human, you could easily hurt me too. I couldn't survive being hurt by you Danny."

Danny was super sweet... like mushy, steal your heart away and never give it back sweet. I cannot express how much I truly loved his character. And I cannot possibly see how anyone reading this book would not instantly fall in love with him. Just when I'm certain that I found my main BBF, Danny came in and knocked me off my feet. As much as I loved Liv, I must admit I was a little jealous of her having Danny. Maybe if I ask nice enough she would share? LOL. Liv was such a down to earth girl, and I found myself being able to relate to her on so many different levels. She was a hard worker, and a very devoted friend. I have a feeling that if she was a real person, her and I would have been the best of friends. 

Things began to get complicated when someone from Danny's past decided to resurface and...... well, lets just say the story was left off on a bit of a cliffhanger. It wasn't a horrible pull your hair out of your head cliffhanger, but maybe that was because I had book 2 sitting on my kindle waiting for me, so I knew I would not have to wait long to find out what happened. I would certainly recommend this book to others, but ladies keep your hands off because Danny is MINE!  :)

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