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✯Review✯Ryder (Prequel) (Scorpio Stinger MC 0.5) by Jani Kay


Two worlds colliding. Will it tear them apart? 

All Jade ever wants is an intelligent, well-mannered, and highly educated man like her daddy. One who has stellar career prospects as he climbs the corporate ladder to success. A good provider who will give her a stable life and a gorgeous house in the right neighborhood. A charmed life. Everything orderly and well balanced. Her perfect match.

What she doesn’t want is a smartass, cocky, rough-around-the-edges biker. One who has tattoos and piercings, and looks like a sex god. One who is demanding and controlling. The ultimate alpha male who storms into her life and shakes her to the core.
Jade never saw it coming. Ryder is the one man she can’t resist. He shows her what she really needs. Him.

All Ryder wants is inner peace. Freedom from the hatred churning in his gut. Since his mother deserted him, his life has turned to sh*t. He’s killed a man, lost his brother and fought for his survival. All before turning twelve. Saved by Razor and Cobra, sons of the Scorpions, he owes his life and allegiance to them. The Scorpion MC is his only family. One he will serve and protect till his dying breath. 

What he doesn’t need in his life is a smart mouthed woman who thinks she’s better than him. One who pushes every one of his buttons. One who challenges him to want to be more than a drifter. One who makes him question everything he’s ever known. Ryder never saw it coming. He can’t get Jade out of his head. She shows him what he really wants. Her. Ryder wants Jade beneath him. Submitting to him and only him.

Can two people, so different in every way, find love? Or will their different worlds collide and tear them apart?

✯5 Hot Hot Hot Stars!!✯✯

Fuck how screwed up this was. A princess and a biker. It couldn't work in a million years. I knew that. Yet, I couldn't stop myself even if I wanted to. ~Ryder

"Jesus, Princess. The looks of an angel and the tongue of the devil."

This book is the prequel  to Two Worlds Colliding (Scorpio Stinger MC #1) and I actually read that book first. And, I must say I loved this book as much as the other one. I was seriously hooked from page 1. For me being that I read Two Worlds Colliding first I never got to see how Jade & Ryder met. Or what happened that attracted them to each other. Let's just say Jani Kay did not disappoint me!!

 Jade is a strong woman. She does not take crap from anyone. Not even the sexy, sexy VP from The Scorpio Stingers MC. Jade is working for her uncle at his real estate business. That's where Ryder walks in. There was an attack on his MC Club. His President was gunned down & is now in the hospital.Now, Ryder's most important job is keeping his President/brother Cobra's wife Mia & their 2 children safe. Ryder walks in with a bag full of money and expecting to just flaunt it and get away with filling out the proper paperwork for renting the house. He was NOT expecting to walk into the brick wall called Jade!! Jade instantly dislikes Ryder with a passion. She does not care what he says she is not renting out this house for it to get damaged. But, her uncle has other plans all together!!! Ryder is allowed to rent out the house. With the rule that Jade will personally do the home inspections.

"You're a kid. What do you know about life? Real life ain't no fucking picnic, Princess. Not everyone lives a goddamn fairy tale. It's time you grew the fuck up."

These 2 literally can not stand each other. Ryder thinks Jade is a stuck up princess. Who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Jade thinks Ryder is trash. A good for nothing thug who uses blood money to get what he wants. Yet, they both can't seem to get the other one out of their heads. They are constantly wondering about the other one. And, they keep wanting to know how good the other one would be in bed, on their knees. Stuff like that!!

"Fuck, there's that smart mouth of yours again. I'm going to have to find a way to fucking shut it up.It's really pissing me off."

Both have had their pasts. Jade has her father expecting her to marry his protege & do that role. Her & her older brother were involved in a "innocent" years ago. he is know a cop who has a serious vendetta against all motorcycle clubs. Ryder went to juvenile detention for protecting his younger brother. He didn't have it easy in there. Until Cobra & his brother Razor help him and take him under their wing. And, eventually in the MC.

"Yea, Princess, here's the thing. No other woman knows how to press my buttons like you do. They don't make my cock ache for them. They don't fuck with my mind, making me think of them day and night."

Over the next couple weeks Jade starts talking/dating her dad's protege. Who I honestly couldn't stand!! He's just a cocky tool!! Jade starts her inspections of the house Ryder is renting out. She is in complete shock when she gets there. It's not a party house. Ryder has 2 kids & a beautiful wife. So she is thinking & she can't figure out why that bothers her so much! Ryder can still not believe how beautiful Jade is. 

Every time these 2 are in the same room I laugh hysterically!!! These guys literally have nothing nice to say to each other. Ryder gets down right mean & Jade just smacks him right across the face. More then one time too. It was nice to see over time they go from not speaking to Ryder needing help with Mia & the kids and he calls Jade. From that point they kind of soften up towards the other one.

"Christ, Princess. It's not your father I want to be. Unless you have daddy issues you want me to help you with. I'll gladly pull you over my knee and spank the living shit out of you for being a naughty girl, before I fuck you."

Ryder still has to be very careful because he does have a rival gang after them. He has to keep Mia & the kids safe. All while keeping the guys in the MC  straight. And, checking on Cobra and assuring him that everything & everyone are under control. All while Jade invades his mind like no woman ever has!!

Jade is still working, trying to move on with this forced relationship her dad has got her in. All while trying to figure out when she should move out of her parents house. Plus, trying to get Ryder out of her head.

"The only person-outside of my club-whose opinion about me counts, is right in front of me, staring at me with big blue eyes, and a mouth with lips so sweet, I just want to kiss the shit out of them."

At a office party her dad is throwing Jade & her "boyfriend" get into a huge  fight. I won't use his name because to me he's useless.  LOL. Jade runs away to go find a cab.Her man comes after her. Not because he gives  a damn about her. But, more because of what her dad might think. Now that they're having a full out fight in the street. Who comes to her rescue?? The fine ass Ryder.

"I'm guessing your dick must be really small. Cause if you need to give me such a sales pitch, your package is obviously lacking."

Ryder has never had a woman on the back of his bike. Yet, here he is pulling Jade onto the back of his bike & riding off into the sunset. Jade & Ryder give into what their bodies and minds been telling them for weeks now. What's the problem? The sex is incredibly incredibly hot all over Ryder's bike. Now that Ryder has had Jade he's not letting her go. Jade can not believe what she's been missing all this time. Yet, she lets Ryder know it's only for tonight and that's it. Let's just say they don't agree!!

This was a really awesome book. I loved every conversation/argument between these two. I laughed every time they went back & forth. They are so different yet they fit perfectly!! I can honestly say there wasn't anything about this book that I didn't like. It was that good.

Two men I cared about were going to be at war, and I was helpless to stop it.
There would be casualties. Blood even.
Two worlds were colliding.
Mine and Ryder's.
Just what in heaven's name had I gotten myself into? ~Jade

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