Tuesday, August 5, 2014

✯Review✯ SURRENDERED (I Surrender #3) by Monica James

When Ava Thompson met the cerulean eyed rock god, Jasper White, her whole world was tipped on its axis, and nothing has been the same ever since.

Thankfully, life for Ava has settled, and that includes being in a healthy, stable relationship with Jasper at long last.

Their turbulent love has withstood many obstacles, but when not one, but two bombshells are dropped at Ava’s doorstep, will she and Jasper be able to survive? Will the cunning ex and bothersome mother rock the stable foundation they have built together?

Will Ava get her happy ending? And will that happy ending be with the man everyone desires?

6 stars!
I was lucky enough to have been asked by Ms. Monica James to do a read through of Surrendered before it was released and WOW! I am still trying to come up pith the words to express just how amazing this story was! Monica really brought it in the third and final installment of the I Surrender series, and most definitely ended things with a bang. I am not sure that anyone, myself included, is ready to say goodbye to the infamous Jasper White. 

Ladies, you wanted more Jasper, and it was what seemed like a long and grueling lapse in time, but let me tell you… it was well worth the wait! 

This entire series has been a crazy whirlwind of emotions, and Surrendered was no different. I found myself going from happy to sad to mad in a matter of one tenth of a second. Who knew one could go through such drastic emotional changes in less time than it takes to blink your eye. There were times that I wanted to simultaneously hate Monica for all that she put Jasper and Ava through (and for what she put me as a reader through as well), and also hug her for writing such captivating stories which made me feel alive. Monica has this special talent where she is able to make you feel as if you are living out the events in the book instead of reading about someone else's story. I was at times finding it difficult for my brain to accept that everything was indeed a work of fiction, and in fact not actual events. 

Every time it seems that Jasper and Ava will finally get their Happily Ever After, more and more obstacles are thrown in their path. Jasper's ex, Indie, and his mother seem to be closer than ever, and both are relentless in their attempts to break apart the relationship between Jasper and Ava once and for all. The drama is at an all time high (and so was my anxiety), and this book will keep you turning page after page completely unsure of what to expect will happen.

Secrets are uncovered, lies unfold, and hard realities come crashing down in this intense series end. Can true love survive in the end? 

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