Saturday, November 17, 2018

✯Review✯Quite Frankly(Beech Grove Series #5) by Mayra Statham

I did something over-the-top crazy! Not only did I have my first one-night stand, but it was with an older man. I even called him Daddy! I was on top of the world. A great job, amazing friends, beautiful new place all while riding the high of fun, kinky sex! 

Until I find out my mysterious older man is not only my new landlord but also my best friend’s dad. 

Quite frankly, I should walk away. I just can’t keep my hands to myself. But if you saw this Dilf, you wouldn’t want to either! What’s a girl to do? 

✯✯4 Daddy Filled Stars!!!✯✯

This is the fifth book in Mayra Statham Beech Grove Series. Man, are the guys from this town smoking hot!

Karina is a good girl. She busies herself with work. Dating isn’t on the top of her list. She’s never even had a one night stand. 

Karina sees the most gorgeous guy standing online at the coffee shop. When he buys her coffee and they have a long talk Karina does something she’s never done before. She leaves with him and finally has a one night stand that people talk about. 

Karina never thought she’d see her one night stand she called Daddy. Until she moved into her best friend Ruby’s dads pool house. Karina comes face to face with Ruby’s dad Frank Titan AKA Mr. Titan AKA Daddy. Things just got complicated for Karina. 

Frank hasn’t been able to get the girl K from the coffee shop out of his head. Frank’s has his fair share of women. But, nobody that stole his heart. Not even his daughter Ruby’s mom. 

He became a father at a young age. Frank did everything to support Ruby and make something of himself. Which he has. 

Frank can’t believe he let his daughter talk him into letting her friend move into his pool house. He also can’t believe he can’t get that girl out of his head. Imagine his surprise when he meets his tenant and it’s his girl, K. She’s also his daughters best friend. 

Frank and Karina know they should stay away from each other. But, they find it almost impossible to do that though. These two are definitely hot together. 

I really wish this was a longer! I know I say that every time Mayra releases another Beech Grove book lol. I’m looking forward to the next Beech Grove guy!!

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