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✯Release Review✯Comfort Zone(Awkward Love #4)by Missy Johnson

Title: Comfort Zone
Series: Awkward Love #4
Author: Missy Johnson
Genre: Romance
Release Date: June 15, 2018


There's nothing quite like watching your professor as he motorboats a stripper.

The expression on his face when he looked up and saw me standing there would've been funny if I wasn't so mortified. I wanted to turn around and run, but I couldn't do that to Jake. It was his bachelor party, after all.

So, instead, we stumbled our way through the world's most awkward conversation, because what do you say after witnessing that?

At least things couldn't get much worse, right?


The real fun began when the guys figured out how we knew each other.

Have you ever heard of the term frottage? Yeah, neither had I. Just like I'd completely underestimated how awkward it would be getting a lap dance from another woman while my professor watches, or how turned on I'd be.

My first mistake was going there in the first place.
My second mistake was not leaving the moment I saw him.
My third mistake, and the one I regret most?

Applying for that TA position with him last week…

** Comfort Zone is a M/F student/professor romance **

**Awkward Love is a series of sexy, fun novels that can be read in ANY order. Each book is COMPLETELY separate from the next, so you can read one, or you can read them all**

✯✯4 Sombrero Filled Stars!!!✯✯

This Awkward Love series by Missy Johnson is amazing! This is the 4th book and every couple start off in very awkward and uncomfortable circumstances. Some circumstances every person reading these books have been in or know somebody who has. 

We met Becca in the previous book and her initial introduction had me pissing my pants bc I was hysterical laughing. So, I was stoked to find out her story was this one. 

Becca’s back at school. And, her teacher is gorgeous. Becca spends the whole class IMing her friend talking dirty about her professor.  Little did Becca know Professor Sullivan was able to read every single IM that’s sent in his class. 

When she does find out Becca is mortified. But, it’s obvious that he liked it and her. Becca can’t think so she’s excited to go to her best friend Jake’s bachelor party. Imagine her surprise when she meets Jake’s cousin.  Yup Professor Sullivan AKA Liam. Becca decides they’re partying at a strip club no time like the present to let loose and give into temptation. 

Teaching was never what Liam thought he’d be doing and having his father as his boss definitely isn’t what he’d want. Having Becca in his class is amusing. Reading her IMs about everything she’d love to do to him is what makes his days. 

When he goes to his cousin Jake’s bachelor party he’s shocked his best friend is Becca. The same Becca who makes him so hard he can hardly stand or teach her class. Liam knows tonight’s going to be interesting and he’s going to use it to his advantage. 

Becca has to go to a ceremony for her parents. I’m not telling you what bc I was crying from laughing so hard when it was explained and continuing to be brought up. Yes, it’s that good lol. She drunkenly invited Liam and didn’t remember. Which he plans on going ESP since he’s got to get his and Jake’s grandma and bring her to the wedding. Considering she has dementia and is lucid one minute and not the next having Becca there to help is a plus. 

When I tell you this was one interestingly funny road trip, I'm not kidding. Liam's grandma legit had me weak I couldn't stop laughing.I also felt for Liam bc my grandma had dementia so I knew how he felt. 

This book I flew thru like the previous one. There was one part of the storyline at the end with Jake and it legit killed it for me. For me it killed the story for me. It was so uncalled for and it did absolutely did nothing for the storyline for Liam and Becca. It would've been better without it. But, other then that I liked this story. 

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Author Bio

Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she's a cat, a cat who thinks he's a get the picture).

When she's not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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