Thursday, August 9, 2018

✯Review✯Knoxed Up (Beech Grove Series #3) by Mayra Statham

I’m not the kind of man who believes in love at first sight. I’m old enough to know that shit only exists in between the pages of romance novels and the big screen. Or at least that was until Lena Mason strolled down the aisle and Knoxed me off my feet. 

There is something about her. My funny girl is sexy and witty, pretending I haven’t caught her eye. By the end of the night she will be mine. One taste and its game over for me and my bachelor ways. 

Lena Mason is mine and I’ll do anything to keep her, even Knox her up. 

✯✯4 Knox Filled Stars!!!✯✯

It doesn’t matter if it’s a full length or novella length book, Mayra Statham will keep me entertained. 

I was glad when I finished Donut Tucker Out that Lena was the next book in this short story series. 

Lena is her sisters maid of honor.  After everything her sister went thru she’s glad she was able to find love again. Lena’s ex made it where she gave up on love. 

Lena refuses to do the whole boyfriend, Love thing. When she sees her brother-in-law friend she knows who she plans on spending her night with. 

Knox is happy for his friend. It seems he’s the last of his friends to find over and settle down. Then, he sets his eyes on the maid of honor and he knows he must have her. 

Sure it was meant to be a one night thing. Knox doesn’t even live near Lena. But, after his first taste of her he swears it won’t be the last. Knox will do anything to get Lena to see it’s not a one nighter or a random hookup once in awhile. So what if he Knoxed her up. 

This was a nice fast read. Even though I wish it was a full length. Granted I say that every time I read a book by Mayra lol. It still had everything I like in a book. I’m waiting for her next book. 

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