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✯Release Review✯Player by Staci Hart

I should have known it was only a game.
I should have known he was too good to be true.
He’s nothing but a player...

Player, an all-new sexy, standalone romantic comedy from Staci Hart, is available NOW!

He’s a player.
He plays the bass with expert fingers. He plays women with intoxicating charm. And he’ll play me with the ease of a virtuoso.

Who better to teach me to play than the master himself?

I’m his model student, front row, pencil sharp. Pick up lines? I’ve got them. Free drinks? By the dozen. Kissing? Let me grab my chapstick.

But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that there’s so much I don’t know. Like why his touch sets off a chain reaction straight to my nethers. Or how I’m certain each kiss is the best I’ll ever have, until the moment his lips take mine again.

There’s so much I don’t know.
Like the fact that I’m only a bet.
But we are what we are. He’s a player, through and through.

And I’m the fool who fell in love with him.
✯✯5 Player Filled Stars!!!✯✯

Staci Hart is one of my favorite go to authors! I don’t have to read the blurb to her new books before I automatically add to my TBR list. 

Piece of Work was the fist book for her next set of friends to get their stories told. These ladies are all naturally beautiful, quiet, low key, don’t dress fancy or have much or any past relationship/interactions with men. But, a waitress friend of them told them they must buy a red lipstick. It’ll change things. They did and started RLC which equals out to the red lipstick coalition. It totally worked wonders with Rin. Now, it’s Val’s turn. 

Val hasn’t had many boyfriends. First off all her siblings are brothers. And, yes they’re all VERY protective of their sister. Second, she’s not model size and she developed breasts earlier then most her classmates and they were cruel to her. Bc of that she’s had few boyfriends. 

Val’s a very talented trumpet player. She’s got an amazing job working for an orchestra on a broadway play. There’s a bass player, Sam that Val has a seriously huge crush on. Whenever he’s near her Val’s lucky if she makes 2-4 words out that make any sense or she’s knocking something over or tripping and falling. 

When Val accidentally empties her trumpet spit all over him she’s embarrassed. They start talking and he invites her and her friends to a swing club he plays at with his band. Her friends talk her into getting dressed up, putting on her red lipstick that’s doing nothing and collecting dust and going. Val has the best time watching Sam and his band rock out and dancing. 

When her and Sam get to talking she explains why she’s single and lack of picking up guys. Sam offers to tutor Val in getting more comfortable with herself and men and getting her out there to start dating. Val wishes Sam wanted her but she’ll take him anyway she can get him. 

Sam was attracted to Val the instant he saw her. She’s not his typical go-to girl but the total opposite. He can tell Val’s special. Sam doesn’t have a problem getting women into his bed. He lets them know he doesn’t date and won’t spend more then one night with them. But, Sam does have one rule. Sam won’t sleep with a women if he works with them. He won’t crap where he eat. It’s why he’s stayed away from Val. 

Sam’s pretty much a player and he’s OK with that. His best friend Ian is no better. They’ve always gotten in trouble together. They’re in the orchestra and band together. When Ian starts making comments about Val wanting Sam, he starts dismissing Ian. Ian figures if Sam won’t go after Val then he will. That instantly makes Sam’s blood boil. 

Sam won’t let Val be Ian’s next victim. He tries to put a claim on her but Ian don’t believe it. They make a bet. Sam feels instantly bad about it but’ll do anything to protect Val from Ian. 

But, the more and more time Sam spends with Val the more and harder he is falling for her. Sam’s never felt like this before for a women. His hearts telling him he’s in love but his brain is telling him he’s no good for her. 

Sam knows he must admit 2 things to Val. His true feelings for her and everything that happened with Ian that resulted in a bet. But, Sam can’t admit the second part bc he doesn’t want to hurt her or loose her. 

Even though he told her he wants to stop being friends and be her boyfriend he knows the truth needs to come out. But, Ian’s changed ever since Sam has been around Val. He’s always overlooked Ian’s dark side. This time he can’t and won’t. ESP when this time Ian’s crossed a line to hurt Val and Sam won’t let that go. 

Sam just needs to get Val to listen to him, forgive him and hopefully not give up on them. 

Once I started this I couldn’t put it down. I loved this so much more then Piece of Work!! I might not of liked what Sam did but I understood it. I hated he put himself into same category as Ian bc he’s soooooooo not!!!! He’d just never found his one before Val. My heart broke for everything Val went thru with being body shamed. I’m glad she didn’t let it ruin her. 

Sam and Val are great together!!! I’m super excited for the rest of the RLC ladies to put their lipsticks on and have that superpower to take over and then get their HEA. I’m also really hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that Val’s brothers get their stories written bc OMG they had me laughing and wanting more from them. 

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The night flew by, time speeding up and sliding past with nothing to mark the hours but his laughter and my smiles and our bodies bouncing around the parquet like we had nothing in the world to do but dance. I had no idea how late it was until “New York, New York” came on with the house lights. Sam hooked me under his arm and guided me out into the chilly fall evening. Like an idiot, I’d come without a jacket, and I tried to play it off like I wasn’t cold. A shiver wracked down my spine, betraying me. He shrugged off his leather jacket. “Here, wear this.” “B-but then y-you’ll be cold,” I said, shifting away from him in an effort to stop him. “Look, it’s n-not even cold. It’s f-fake cold. It’s only what—like, sixty out? M-my body is j-just being drunk and d-dumb.” “Val.” The word was a gentle warning. He held out his jacket like a matador. “Put it on.” “N-no,” I said with a laugh. He shook it once like he was taunting me. “Toro.” I giggled, stumbling a little as I brought my hands to the top of my head, pointer fingers to the stars. “Olé!” I cheered as I charged. But instead of running through his jacket, I found myself in his arms. I didn’t know how it happened. The jacket was there, and then it was gone. But instead of being laid out on the sidewalk like I should have been, Sam’s arms were hooked around my waist, our bodies winding together and twisting from the force of his catch. And then I looked up, and time stretched out in a long, still moment. His eyes on my mouth. Mine on his. His nose millimeters from mine and his mouth so close, if I turned my head just right, our lips would brush. The warmth of him was everywhere. I wasn’t cold anymore. I was on fire. So I said the first thing that entered my empty mind. “Are you going to kiss me, or am I gonna have to lie to my diary?” The moment broke with our laughter, filled the air around us, stopped my chugging heart. He pressed his lips to my forehead. I sighed. “I guess that’ll do.” He hooked his jacket over my shoulders, taking a moment to look over my face, watching his fingers as he tucked a loose curl behind my ear. “Come on. Let’s get you home. You did good tonight, Val.” “Thanks to your expert advice.” But he smiled. “Pretty soon, you’ll figure out you didn’t need me at all.” And I smiled back and pretended like it was possible that statement held an iota of truth.

About the Author
Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life -- a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can't forget that. She's also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She's been a wife, though she's certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She's also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she's been drinking whiskey. From roots in Houston to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she's not writing, she's reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics. StaciHart
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