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♥♥Author Spotlight With Michelle Lynn♥♥

As a lot of people say, I’ve always wanted to write a book. Since about junior high, I’ve jotted down poetry or short stories. I remember right before I started college, my parents had bought me a computer. Although, I’m aging myself, most of my friends brought word processors to school and NO ONE had a laptop. If you had a computer, it was the huge desktop model. About a month before I was to leave, I sat down and started some story. I had just gotten my heart broken by my summer fling. Well, I guess it was a fling for him because I saw us together forever, although thankful that didn’t happen. Back to my point. I wrote a love story with a happy ending and dreamed of being a published author someday.

I still don’t know where that story ever went. I assume it’s embedded on some hard drive in a landfill somewhere. My writing got put aside while my new found freedom life started. I thought about writing often but after college, kids, husband and just life kept me in place. Then in 2009 I decided to write another story, having no idea what I would do with it. I do still have that one, although no one will ever see it!

Then my husband got me a kindle so I could read Fifty Shades of Grey. I couldn’t find the books anywhere and it was Mother’s Day. Of course, he was looking for something to get me so he bought it for me and that trilogy was the start of my addiction. After that the books kept downloading while my Amazon credit card kept rising. I abandoned my family having it with me at all times. I read in bed until three in the morning just to wake up four hours later and pick it right back up. You could find it on a laundry basket while I walked downstairs or propped up next on the counter while I chopped vegetables for dinner. Then I started to see most of the books I was reading were self-published. The light bulb went off and I started writing my first book.

Not telling a sole except for my immediate family. My sister and mom read it as I wrote and encouraged me along the way. My sister is still mad because I never finished that story. I got stuck about seventy percent in so it continues to sit on my desktop with no ending. LOVE ME BACK, my first published novel, flooded my head and I just knew I had to follow it through. So I started writing that story and once it was finished, my whole family read it and I pressed the publish button for the first time on April 22nd, 2013.

I’ve had to learn a lot of lessons in this industry so far but I love every minute of it and wouldn’t change it for the world. Opening yourself up to a public forum to be either praised or ridiculed is hard but when you get those random readers that contact you just to say how much they loved your book or a character in it, it’s completely worth it!

Thank you so much for having me!

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Love Me Back~

 Growing up in small-town Belcrest, Maddy Jennings always thought she was destined to be with her childhood sweetheart, Trent Basso. Throughout the complicated road she has traveled with Trent, someone else has had a strong presence in Maddy's life. Trent’s older brother Gabe has always been someone she could count on, therefore neither of them can be blamed when lines blur from friendship to something more. However, promises made between brothers threaten to ensure that neither of them will have a permanent place in her life. 
When Maddy returns to her hometown for her brother’s wedding, she is forced to face both Trent and Gabe for the first time in two years. While the two Basso brothers fight to win her heart, she is busy struggling with a past that won't seem to let her go. Whether she wants to or not, Maddy must decide to either forfeit her own happiness or forever tear a family apart.

“You are my brother’s girl.  If he can’t be here, then I will take care of you.”  He starts looking around on my dresser.
“Now you’re the one not in the loop.  I’m not your brother’s girl anymore,” I reveal, trying to keep the tears from streaming down.
“I heard something about that, but you’re still Trent’s girl.  Just look at those eyes.”  He points to me.
“What?”  I ask, blotting my eyes with my fingers.
“You are about two minutes away from crying over him.  I’m not asking again, Maddy.  I will wait for you outside your door.  You have five minutes.” He walks out, shutting the door behind him.
I reluctantly throw the comforter off me, getting out of bed.  I guess a shower is out of the question so I shrug on my shorts and t-shirt and slip on some flip-flops.   We are in the middle of an Indian summer so I want to make sure I am comfortable on whatever excursion Gabe is planning for me today.  I brush my hair, putting some mascara on my lashes.  I grab my ID, phone and money and open the door.
Gabe is resting against the wall, playing with his phone while girls stare him down as they walk by.  He walks me around campus, serving as my unofficial tour guide. We lick our ice cream cones from his favorite place, laughing over funny stories he tells me about each place we pass.
By the end of the day, my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much.  I can't remember a day that I've had so much fun lately, and I can’t believe I have Gabe to thank.

Don't Let Go (The Invisibles #1)


Sadie Miller is attempting to change her ways and hide somewhere no one knows her former self. She only wants to finish her final year of college, obtain her degree, and get out from the hold of her affluent parents. Then she meets Brady Carsen, the lead singer of The Invisibles, a local band popular with the college crowd. She tries to stay away but quickly realizes that, although he might not be what she’s used to, he’s exactly what she needs and more importantly, everything she could possibly want. 
Unfortunately, Sadie’s troubled past left her with insecurities that make her question Brady’s true intentions. And while Brady is convinced that Sadie is the one for him, he has his own secrets that he fears will be their undoing. If they want to be together, they will have to stand united and fight the outside influences that are threatening to tear them apart. Can they put their pasts behind them for good in order to secure their future.


“I’m kidding, Sadie. To be honest I have never tried this place, but you have peaked my interest.” We stand out from the shop to look up at the menu. “So, what do you get?” he asks.
“Usually the veggie delite.”
“Are you a vegetarian?” he inquires, sounding like it could be the worst thing in the world.
“Is that a deal breaker for you?” I ask.
“Deal breaker?” he inquiries confused.
“You know, something you find out about someone that makes you not want to date them,” I answer.
“What’s yours?” he asks.
“I asked first. If I was a vegetarian, would that be a deal breaker?”
“I’m not sure anything I find out about you would be a deal breaker, but to be honest I don’t understand vegetarians.”
“Hum.” I turn around to give my order to the cute red head behind the counter who can’t keep her eyes off Brady.
“You never answered. Do you eat meat?” He comes up behind me.
“No, I’m not a vegetarian, I just like the sandwich,” I honestly reply. “I’ll have a veggie delite with low fat cream cheese” I give the girl my order. Usually I get the garlic and herb spread, but I am not about to talk to Brady with garlic breath.
“What can I get you?” The red head looks Brady up and down while her co-worker starts making my sandwich.
“Same, but garlic and herb cream cheese.” He smiles over to me and I am sure awe fills my face. It makes me half tempted to change my order. “I hate that low fat shit.”
“They have meat, you know?” I tell him.
“I know, I want to experience why you like it so much.” He scoots next to me and my heart races when his hand brushes against mine.
When we get to the cash register, Brady pulls out a twenty before I can even get in my messenger bag, adding chips and drinks to our meals.
“Don’t pay for me!” I scream.
“Why not?” Brady stares around seeing a few students looking our way after my outburst.
“This is not a date,” I confirm.
“Hey, just because I decide to buy you lunch or dinner, or whatever this meal is doesn’t mean it’s a date.” He softens his voice, getting closer to me.
“It’s just…things get implied with dates.” I’m desperate to compose myself. I don’t want to owe him anything.
“Relax, Sadie. I’ll make you a deal.” He grabs our tray and leads us to a table.
“What?” I take a seat, happy he picked a table in the back.
“You can buy me a meal tomorrow.” He smirks up at me.
“Nice, Carsen,”
“A meal for a meal, then we will be even.” He takes both straws and pounds them on the table until the wrappers fall down. He puts one in mine and the second in his drink.
“When are your classes tomorrow?” I ask.
“Well…I live off of campus and I don’t have classes on Friday’s, so it will have to be later.” He takes a bite of his sandwich.
“Later, when?” I ask before I take a bit of mine.
“This is really good, you don’t even miss the meat,” he says surprised, lifting his sandwich. “After my show,” he answers my question.
“I told you the sandwich was good. After the show what?” I take a sip of my soda.
“I have a show tomorrow night. We will get something after I’m done,” he casually says while he continues to eat his sandwich.
“Sorry, but I’m not going to that bar, house or whatever it is from last week.” I shake my head back and forth.
“Good, because we are playing at Aces.” He laughs. “I’ll pick you up.”
“Um…no. Let me just give you the money.” I dig through my bag getting the ten dollars out placing it on the table.
“That’s not the deal. A meal for a meal. Just so you know, after a show I am so hungry you might get the raw end of this deal,” he jokes.
“I think I already got the raw end. I can’t go to your show tomorrow or out to eat,” I say and put my sandwich down, suddenly not able to finish it.
“What do I have to do?” He asks me before pops a chip in his mouth.
“Nothing. I don’t date.”
“Okay, it won’t be a date. A friend coming to another friend’s show and then grabbing something to eat. I will even invite my band if it makes you feel better.” His eyes are begging me and I have to admit I want to go after listening to him sing the last few days.
“Fine, but I am bringing my roommate, Jessa, with me,”
“Great, the more people the better. I’ll pick you both up.” He picks his sandwich back up, happier than before.

Let Me In (The Invisibles #2)

**This is a STANDALONE! You do not need to read book 1 in order to enjoy LET ME IN ***

Grant is damaged, selfish, and undeserving of love…or so he thinks.

Jessa is happy, in love, and has overcome her past…or so she thinks.

Grant and Jessa can’t stop thinking about one another since being introduced at a party a month ago. And despite their differences, they can’t seem to stay away from each other either. However, both are hiding secrets of less-than-perfect pasts, fearing what will happen when those mistakes come to light. As they grow closer, they each battle their own insecurities, and neither believes that they are worthy of the kind of love that they both still want. So if it’s true that opposites attract, what happens when the similarities begin to surface?

18+ Mature Audiences


By the time we get to the dance floor, we are packed in like sardines, barely able to move, let alone dance.  Rob places his hands on my hips and tugs me to him while placing his leg between mine.  This whole dirty dancing thing is throwing me for a loop.  What exactly are we doing here and dancing like this? I stare up at him with confusion and he gives me a cat-that-ate-the-canary look before pointing to the corner.
I stop dancing and turn my body around but Rob grabs me again and brings me against his crotch.  Trying to search where he was looking, my eyes scan the crowd but I don’t see anything except a sea of drunken people making out with each other.
“Right there, Jessa,” he whispers in my ear and I follow his finger. My stomach drops when my eyes find Grant pressing some girl against the wall. He has her cornered while his lips devours her neck and his hands hike up her dress.
“Wish it was you?” he whispers and chills travel up my back.  I automatically attempt to step away from Rob, but he pulls me back. “Not the angel you thought he was, huh?” he laughs.  He twists me around to face him and although he’s laughing his comment off, I can’t help but feel like he means it. Panic arises as I wonder if Rob has seen something. God, did he see that kiss on New Year’s?
Rob keeps me wrapped in his arms when a slow song starts, but I can’t get my mind to erase what I just saw.  As Rob’s breath tickles my neck while he sways me back and forth, I desperately want to see what Grant’s doing.  I knew he wasn’t a monk, but I didn’t think he was the kind of guy who fucked a girl up against a wall in the middle of a club either. After the song ends, I tell Rob that I need to go to the bathroom. He places his hands on either side of my face and starts to kiss me.  Thrusting his tongue into my mouth, he doesn’t let up.  It starts to feel possessive, as though he’s trying to prove to everyone I’m his. Eventually I push him away and he laughs while I stalk off.  

~Interview with Michelle!~

Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with me. I am a huge fan of your Invisible series, and cannot wait to see what else you have in store for your readers. I am incredibly stoked to read what you have coming out next!!

When you were a little girl, what did you dream of being when you grew up? Did you always aspire to be a writer?

A little. The thought was there but I never did much to act on it. I wanted to be anything from an interior decorator to an actress!

How long did it take you to write your first book? Was it Love Me Back, or have you written other stories which you did not publish?

LOVE ME BACK took about six weeks to write. I have a few unfinished novels on my computer that will probably sit there until the end of time!

What was your inspiration for writing Both Love Me Back & The Invisible Series?

LOVE ME BACK has more similarities to my life than THE INVISIBLES SERIES.  LOVE ME BACK was supposed to be just a guy and a girl that grew up together and how they fell in love over the years but when I wrote the first chapter and brought in Gabe, the whole book got transformed.

If The Invisible Series was made into a movie, who would be your ideal cast?

Hmm…that’s a hard one. I use Marco Dapper for Brady and Marcy Rylan as Sadie for teasers. For Grant, I have Kellan Lutz and Ashley Simpson for Jessa. For a movie, I have no idea…I think I would want to find some aspiring young actors!

I LOVED The Invisible Series. BOTH Brady & Grant's stories. How did you come up the characters & synopsis?

When I thought about DLG (Brady), I wanted a story where the characters knew what they wanted and went for it. They stuck by and loved each other no matter what they found out about the other. I didn’t want the girl to be virgin and I didn’t want a guy who slept around. (Don’t get me wrong, I love those books as well but I was looking to do something different).

Who or what is your main influence(s) in your writing?

All those couples that keep their love alive every day.

What author’s writing do you particularly admire most, and why?

I admire any author that can get me absorbed in the story, where you feel as though you are right there in the scene and you can’t put down the kindle/book for anything or anyone!

What is the one book you could read over and over again without ever growing tired of it? 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many books that I’ll read twice. I did read the first two books of Fifty Shades twice but there are so many books out there, I just keep moving forward with new ones.

If you get “writers block”, what do you do to help yourself break free from it?

MUSIC! I just step away, put my ear buds in and do some meaningless task. Sometimes it will hit me and other times it might take a few hours!

What has been the most difficult part about becoming an author? 

Promoting/Marketing It’s a tough market and you have to not only get the word out about your book but convince readers to pick your book over someone elses! Not to mention the time constraint it can put on you. I probably feel that way because I constantly think I’m annoying people with all my teasers and requests for shares! It’s a necessary evil unfortunately.

Who do you bounce ideas off of right before you start writing a book. As well as when you're writing?

My husband actually. He’s given me some great ideas! Along with a few friends and family members but my husband’s with me most often so he gets to play my game “What If” quite frequently! I’ve made some great connections recently. Two people I’ve been throwing ideas with are a fellow author friend, Melissa Rolka and one of my editors for Let Me In, Liz Aguilar. A good brainstorming is one of the best ways to figure your storyline out!

How do you juggle writing your books & being a mommy and wife everyday?

I’m not going to sugar coat, it’s hard. On a daily basis, I feel like a horrible mother and wife. I try my best to give my kids undivided attention as often as I can. I work part-time as well, so it’s a juggling act for sure and my husband has had to pitch in more than before. My poor husband gets the least time with me. My kids are only 4 so I’m hoping when they are in kindergarten next year, I’ll get more done during the day, allowing me time with them at nights.

When reading a romance novel (or erotica), do you prefer a HOT, sexy bad boy… or a sweet & romantic good guy?

Honestly, a little mixture of both. I like the dirty talking bad boy behind closed doors but I like a guy who is so consumed with the girl, he can’t breathe without her. A guy who takes her on romantic dates and cherishes her.

If you could give just ONE piece of advice for aspiring authors, what would it be?

Believe in yourself! Don’t feel discouraged, just do it and put your work out there! It’s a huge leap of faith but it’s an incredible feeling to do what you want to do!  (But before you put your work out there, have your novel professionally edited. That was one of my newbie mistakes)

I know you have been working very hard on your next projects.  Can you tell us a little about it, and what we can expect from these upcoming books? How did you come up with the idea for them?

My next book will be Let Me Love (The Invisibles #3). It’s Trey’s book. He will be my wildest guy so far from this group so I’m sure it will be more challenging for me to write. I mean Brady and Grant, how can anyone compare, right? All the Invisibles will get their own book, even a certain someone who might surprise some! As far as Love Me Back (Basso Brothers), I have Trent’s story in my head and I hope to get it down soon but The Invisibles have invaded my brain!

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