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✯Release Review✯Don't Go There (Awkward Love #5) by Missy Johnson

Title: Don't Go There
Series: Awkward Love #5
Author: Missy Johnson
Genre: Romance
Release Date: August 14, 2018


Vodka should come with a warning:

Mixing with Karaoke will make you do stupid shit, like sing that song you wrote when you were fourteen, about the boy who broke your heart.

At least he didn’t see it.

Oh wait. He did.

I should've just stayed home. The only reason I came was to stop Lily from doing something stupid, like crash her ex-boyfriend's wedding.

When I open my hotel room door to find Adam standing there, that sexy smirk tells me he’s hasn’t changed. He’s still the same arrogant asshole who made my childhood hell.

He insists on driving us home, and while he’s the last person I want to be around, he and I both know it’s a bad idea for Lily to be anywhere near that wedding.

I’m on the road trip from hell with my heartbroken cousin, and the one guy I can’t stand.

What was I thinking?

✯✯5 Karaoke Fun Stars!!!✯✯ 

This is the fifth book in this series. Every book is hilarious. Every couple has an awkward start to their relationship and Katie and Adam are no different. 

Katie spends her days between working and going to school. She doesn’t have time for anything else. 

Katie’s cousin Lily comes over begging her to come to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway. Lily know what to say to get Katie to agree to her crazy antics. After Katie calls her best friend Darcy she realizes that there’s a reason behind Lily’s Las Vegas trip. Her ex-boyfriend Julian is getting married. 

Katie’s reasons for going are easy. Keeping Lily away from Julian’s wedding. Luckily for her, her best friend shows up to help. When Lily and Darcy talk Katie into getting out of the hotel room and have some fun Katie knew it was a bad idea but went anyway. 

Katie wakes up the next morning with a major hangover. But, that’s not the worst of it. Katie quickly learns that Lily and Darcy talked her into singing karaoke. It wasn’t just any song. Nope. It was the song she wrote when she was a love sick teenager. She was in love with Adam and he spent his high school days taunting and bullying her but she was in love with him anyway. 

Katie wrote an entire song to him explaining all her fantasy’s about him. Little did Katie know Lily recorded the song and meant to send it to Julian but accidentally sent it to her entire contact list. If that wasn’t bad enough, Katie wakes up to somebody banging on her door. When she opens the door imagine her surprise when Adams standing there looking fine and yet full of trouble. 

Adam is on a mission. He’s been living a double life for so long. His best friend Julian has known him since they were in school. But, thinks he’s in witness protection and goes by the name Frederick. Adam works for a mafia crime boss and Julian’s marrying his daughter. 

Adam gets a text from Julian’s ex-girlfriend Lily. He’s shocked for two reasons, the first because it’s Katie singing karaoke a song all about him. He always had a crush on her. She’s even more beautiful then Adam remembered. The other reason he’s shocked is Katie, Lily and Darcy are here in Las Vegas and he knows it’s bc Lily wants to stop the wedding. 

Adam knows if Julian’s soon to be FIL sees the girls they’ll be issues or if somebody here’s them call him Adam somebody will die. Adam insists on driving the girls back home. That means he’ll be in the car with Katie, Lily and Darcy for 17 hours. He knows it’s going to be a long awkward interesting drive. 

I finished this book in one afternoon. It had me laughing so hard at certain parts it was unreal. The things Katie and Adam did to each other was both wrong yet hysterical at the same time. Not including some of the situations they got themselves into had me dying. Their chemistry was hot, sizzling and perfect. 

I really like this series. Every storyline is great and gets me hooked from the first page. I’m looking forward to the next book. 

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It’s five in the morning and I’m still awake. I’m bordering on delirium, because I’m so tired, but I just can’t get to sleep. I’ve tried listening to music, clearing my mind, counting backward … nothing is working.
There’s still one thing I haven’t tried
I hold my breath, listening to the sound of his breathing as I creep my hand under the blankets and down over my stomach. I freeze when he stirs, but he doesn’t wake up. My heart pounds as I focus on the sound of his breathing and nothing else.
My body tenses as a part my legs, just enough to slide a finger along my entrance. I hold my breath, the air catching my throat, then I quickly exhale as I slide a finger inside myself. I close my eyes and concentrate as I massage my clit, trying so hard not to make a sound.
What would it feel like to kiss him?
I sigh, imagining his lips brushing over mine, while I rake my hands over that thick, uneven stubble. I swallow, my pussy aching as I tease myself, imagining my fingers sliding over his muscular chest.
I work myself faster and harder as my body reacts. The soft lapping of my finger sounds a thousand times louder than it really is. I gasp as my finger slides deeper inside me. I want to scream, but I can’t, so I force the sound back down my throat and ride the last of my climax out in total silence, all while still imagining his hands on me. It’s torture and bliss at the same time.
Holy fuck.
I stare at the ceiling, unable to do anything other than lie there, listening to my heart pounding in my chest. I kick off the blankets, my skin all hot and sweaty. Then I smile and swallow a giggle. That was incredible. I’ve never experienced a rush quite like that before.
Snuggling into my pillow, I sigh. I’m so close to asleep …
And then I hear that familiar chuckle.
I hold my breath, not trusting myself to do anything other than lie there and panic. I slowly relax when he doesn’t react. He’s asleep. It’s fine. I imagined it. I breathe out and then close my eyes. Just as I finally feel like I’m going to fall asleep, his sleepy voice cuts through the silence. I lie there, holding my breath, my eyes wide open.
“Feels good to be naughty, doesn’t it, Katie?”
His sleepy voice cuts through the silence. I don’t answer, because I can’t.
“Next time you do that? I’ll be participating.”

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Author Bio

Missy lives in central Victoria with her husband, three-year-old daughter, two cats, two dogs and turtle.  When she's not writing, she can usually be found …oh wait. She’s always writing.

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✯Review✯Knoxed Up (Beech Grove Series #3) by Mayra Statham

I’m not the kind of man who believes in love at first sight. I’m old enough to know that shit only exists in between the pages of romance novels and the big screen. Or at least that was until Lena Mason strolled down the aisle and Knoxed me off my feet. 

There is something about her. My funny girl is sexy and witty, pretending I haven’t caught her eye. By the end of the night she will be mine. One taste and its game over for me and my bachelor ways. 

Lena Mason is mine and I’ll do anything to keep her, even Knox her up. 

✯✯4 Knox Filled Stars!!!✯✯

It doesn’t matter if it’s a full length or novella length book, Mayra Statham will keep me entertained. 

I was glad when I finished Donut Tucker Out that Lena was the next book in this short story series. 

Lena is her sisters maid of honor.  After everything her sister went thru she’s glad she was able to find love again. Lena’s ex made it where she gave up on love. 

Lena refuses to do the whole boyfriend, Love thing. When she sees her brother-in-law friend she knows who she plans on spending her night with. 

Knox is happy for his friend. It seems he’s the last of his friends to find over and settle down. Then, he sets his eyes on the maid of honor and he knows he must have her. 

Sure it was meant to be a one night thing. Knox doesn’t even live near Lena. But, after his first taste of her he swears it won’t be the last. Knox will do anything to get Lena to see it’s not a one nighter or a random hookup once in awhile. So what if he Knoxed her up. 

This was a nice fast read. Even though I wish it was a full length. Granted I say that every time I read a book by Mayra lol. It still had everything I like in a book. I’m waiting for her next book. 

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✯Cover Reveal✯Perception by Kendra Leigh

Title: Perception
Author: Kendra Leigh
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design: Amy Queau, QDesign
Release Date: August 30, 2018


Jackson Dean is a changed man—at least he thinks he is—but when a brush with the past leads him back into territory he’s long since left behind, he finds himself at war with his conscience. Snatching Savannah Harper from a Brooklyn street may have been okay with the wild and reckless guy he used to be, but what about now?

Savannah is used to a life of brutality at the hands of her husband, but being stuffed into the trunk of a car by a brown-eyed stranger injects a fresh wave of terror into her heart.

What transpires between Jackson and Savannah surprises both of them. Despite the unconventional way they’re thrown together, they form a bond that begins to challenge everything they know.

His Past. Her present. Their future.

Surrendering to the feelings they’ve unearthed will be a minefield, but it’s going up against the unknown that tests them to their limits.

As the lines between perception and reality blur, it appears that nothing is as it seems.

Perception is not reality… and reality can be soul-destroying.

Perception is a standalone romantic suspense novel featuring a favorite character from The Bound Trilogy. If you enjoy reading stories about strong women and their journeys from victim to survivor, and the men who will go to any lengths to fight for the women they fall for, then you will love this #MeToo inspired heart-wrenching romance.

Warning: Subject matter deals with domestic violence, including physical and emotional abuse, which may be triggering for some people.

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Author Bio

Kendra Leigh fell in love with words and reading as a young child. She was at her happiest when Enid Blyton whisked her away up into the magical lands at the top of the Faraway Tree with Moon-face and the rest of the gang.

Now, of course, she has more of a fondness for chocolate, cheese and hot men in suits - not necessarily in that order.

Kendra devotes her life to her devilishly handsome partner, scandalously beautiful daughter and cute as hell Shih-Tzu. She believes in love at first sight, and as well as writing and reading, Kendra has a passion for great movies and brilliantly written TV.

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✯Cover Reveal✯The Truth About Lies by Aly Martinez

Today we are sharing the incredible cover for the first book in The Truth Duet by Aly Martinez. Check it out below, along with the blurb for the title. The Truth About Lies will be releasing on August 23rd! The second title in the duet, The Truth About Us, will be releasing on September 13th!

Be sure to follow Aly's newsletter to be notified when the books are live.


The Truth About Lies (The Truth Duet, #1) 

Coming August 23


Truth: From over a thousand miles away, I watched on the screen of my phone as two men murdered my wife. And I was helpless to save her.
Consumed by hate and rage, I spent four years running from my memories.
Until a shattered woman gave me a reason to stop.
Cora lived in a nightmare, but through sheer force of will, she’d turned it into something beautiful. She had a smile that could pierce the darkest soul. And with one glance, she shredded mine.
Lie: I was only there for a fresh start.
Lie: I had no idea what I was getting myself into.
Lie: There was nothing I could do to save her, either.
But that’s the thing about lies—you never know who to believe.

You won't want to miss this amazing series! Click here to get the links as soon as they're live, and to hear about giveaways and events for this duet.



Originally from Savannah, Georgia, USA Today bestselling author Aly Martinez now lives in South Carolina with her four young children. Never one to take herself too seriously, she enjoys cheap wine, mystery leggings, and baked feta. It should be known, however, that she hates pizza and ice cream, almost as much as writing her bio in the third person. She passes what little free time she has reading anything and everything she can get her hands on, preferably with a super-sized tumbler of wine by her side.    
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✯Release Review✯Irrevocable (The Exiled Eight MC #1) by Addison Jane

Title: Irrevocable
Series: The Exiled Eight MC #1
Author: Addison Jane
Genre: Contemporary MC Romance
Release Date: August 6, 2018


Our pasts were a part of us.
Mine hijacked my dreams every night, drowning me in guilt and staining my hands red.
It wasn’t just a part of me, it stole a piece of me—the piece that stopped me from letting people get too close.
And I’d become pretty damn good at playing the untouchable asshole card just to keep them away.
But apparently, Dakota Samuels didn’t get that memo.
From the moment she accidentally walked in on me naked, she began to demolish any and every wall I’d ever built.
She was sexy and tenacious.
And I was addicted to the way she looked at me.
To the way she fought for me.
To the way her body felt beneath mine.
We were both done with running from the demons of our pasts.
They were going to find us.
They were going to try and destroy us.
And they may have won before, but like hell I was going to let them take her from me too.
Because if they tried, this time the blood I saw in my dreams would be theirs.

✯✯5 Pixie Filled Stars!!!✯✯

Omg.  When Addison Jane’s The Club Girl Diaries came out they became one of my favorite MC reads. When she wrote Ham & Meyah’s story I was super excited. 

Addison introduced us to the Brothers by Blood MC and now she’s given us a new charter that Ham is VP and a brand new MC.  Meyah’s dad Huntsman the President and two brothers who’re all part of The Exiled Eight MC. The Exiled Eight and Brothers by Blood MCs have joined forces and opening and operating businesses together. 

Ripley and Dakota have been at each other’s throats since the moment they met. The minute they see/hear each other their claws are out and slinging insults while trying to keep their attraction hidden. 

Dakota is Meyah’s best friend. When Meyah found her father and brothers Meyah’s father Huntsman and the rest of the MC realized they were a package deal. 

Dakota goes to college and works at Empire the bar the MC owns. When a bachelor party gets out of hand things get messy. When things get outta hand Dakota must handle things. But, she realizes quickly things aren’t as they seem. Dakota knows things are about to get bad. But, the more time she spends around Ripley the quicker she learns he’s not the butthole he makes himself out to be. 

Ripley is next in line as President to The Exiled Eight MC after his dad Huntsman steps down. Ripley s brother works the business side of the club but his blood with the MC colors. 

Ripley works with the construction company. He loves working with wood. It calms him down. Ripley was shocked when he found out he had a sister. At first he was pissed off. But, over the past year him and his sister Meyah are  extremely close and he wouldn’t change it. And, then there’s Dakota. She’s a thorn in his side. She’s a tiny spitfire, a pixie and she’s not afraid to put him in his place wether he deserved it or not. 

When Dakota is around she makes Ripley feel things he never knew wanted or existed.  After everything that went down with his parents he never wanted an Old Lady. But, when a dirty cop comes into town and sets his eyes on what’s his its a problem. The guy has set his target on the MC but really attacking Dakota and Ripley isn’t about to loose his MC or his girl. 

Holy crap!!! This book was amazing.  Not only are there new sexy badass bikers, but we have some oldies that are still sexy and badass. Dakota and Ripley are fierce, strong, feisty and so incredibly perfect together. 

I’m hoping Addison gives us more of the Exiled Eight MC and more from both charters of the Brothers by Blood. What can I say... I’m greedy and proud lol. 

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Author Bio

Addison Jane is a born and bred kiwi girl with a passion for romance and writing.

When she gets the chance she enjoys the little things in life such as reading, dancing, music, and Facebook, but her world really revolves around the little girl who calls her Mum. It's an awkward balance between alpha males and Disney princesses but it works.

Growing up on a small farm next to the beach will always make her a country girl at heart. But since moving away to a small town close to the city she's discovered a dangerous love for shopping.

Writing stories has been something that's come naturally since she was young, and with the massive support of her friends and family, she finally decided to step out of her comfort zone and share them with the world.

She enjoys bringing her books to life with strong female leads, sexy passionate men and a rollercoaster of twists and turns that lead to the happily ever after that her readers desire.

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